What do people do with extra time since no service is required?

What do people do with extra time since no service is required?

For 3 years with our Model S and about 20 months with our Model 3 we have had zero visits for service or to gas stations or oil changes. Car plugged in at home keeps it ready for any trips. My wife said she loves the cabin heating which is superfast and summon the car out of the garage. Sending our itinerary from our google maps directly to the car is so sweet and NoAP is always on now. Come to Me is really fun using it carefully.
A few things we have done. Take more vacations, clean the car and wax it, spend more time on forums and....

andy.connor.e | 02/10/2019

Tesla forums.

vmulla | 02/10/2019

Funny :)

Not everyone is as lucky as you are.

Mike83 | 02/10/2019

I have talked with many owners at Superchargers who have the same experience. Anonymous posters might just have other motives to smear Tesla. It is a pain to read the manuals but now you can view the videos on the screen in the car.
But I would wager you have a lot fewer problems than other vehicles. My neighbor with her jeep has many issues and they still have not gotten the parts.

Switchmon | 02/10/2019

I've learned Mandarin and Swahili and now I'll be taking up needle point. Just don't tell my wife or else the honey do list will grow!

Mike83 | 02/10/2019

That honey do list is crushing. Lucky for me my wife drives her own Tesla and seems to be driving more. But at least I feel good that she is in a super safe car.
I also am learning guitar. I can do some Eric Clapton tunes but will now learn smooth jazz. Also i put in more exercise.
I also am becoming a Chef in our home. Cordon Bleu thank you. Time to make some Crepes with Apple/cinnamon and maple syrup. I forgot, I got to go to Starbucks and get a Pumpkin Latte for my wife first. Ok Tesla wake up(they should put that on the Google hub)

82bert | 02/10/2019

The majority of owners have the experience Mike describes. Not all, but majority by far.

sbeggs | 02/10/2019

I have started gardening, even hydroponics indoors under our solarium. Also, I use the extra time to cook a nice midday meal each day, often by Blue Apron. Have thoroughly researched my family's ancestry. Also use the time saved to exercise, swimming or walking. The languages I studied were all before the Tesla, so I can't claim that.

hokiegir1 | 02/10/2019

I got my masters degree.

Granted, I had started it a few months before the car arrived, but I finished in August.

stevehendler | 02/10/2019

I work on everyone else's antiquated, dirty, and over-complex vehicles.

I also have to stand around and answer all the dumb questions like how long does it take to charge it? And what happens when you get stuck in traffic?

cmh95628 | 02/10/2019

I invented wool.

jimglas | 02/10/2019

I invented post it notes

95dawg | 02/10/2019

pffft. That's nothing. I invented fire and Interwebs.

Mike83 | 02/10/2019

My wife loves the Pumpkin spice Latte and I had a great time driving to get it. Actually the car did most of the driving.
@sbeggs Bon Appetit. We got blueberries, cherries, and a few apples and just picked a lot of tomatoes. Potatoes still need harvesting. Don't know how many are there underground, very sneaky.

Haggy | 02/10/2019

No Mandarin and Swahili, but I gave myself six months to become fluent in German and French. The problem is that if I spend too much time doing that, it gets to be overwhelming, so I had to add Japanese to the list to give me some time to take a break. But I'm not including the deadline in the Japanese, since I have no plans to go to Japan, and when that changes I can reassess things.

It turns out that little of it has to do with the time saved due to maintenance,and a lot of it has to do with being retired. Some people say it's harder to learn a language after 60 and speak it without any appreciable foreign accent. Challenge accepted.

cascadiadesign | 02/10/2019

I eat snacks and watch Jerry Springer reruns on TV . I miss the free snacks and cheesy daytime TV at my old dealership service dept. Sometimes I drive through the gas station just to wiff the fumes to evoke feelings of nostalgia. /s

sbeggs | 02/10/2019

@Haggy, are you serious? I have been studying Japanese since 2006 without much progress, even though I made it thru all local university and community college courses, and watch NHK channel in Japanese most every day. Cannot make out the kanji, and unless a professional is clearly narrating, I can't understand the regular folks. One trip to Japan, fascinating and very friendly people trying to help me speak to them! Most other languages I learned more easily when I was much younger. Which method are you using to study Japanese...or are you kidding LOL?

Mike83 | 02/10/2019

I was watching some Korean Netflix series and picked up a few phrases. I can't spell it right but sounds like Kaluck. It is used all the time.

I really enjoyed this show: Mr. Sunshine (Korean: 미스터 션샤인; RR: Miseuteo Syeonsyain

kevin_rf | 02/10/2019

Geeze, all I've done is play cuphead

Mike83 | 02/10/2019

Just ordered a controller to play cuphead. I enjoy Beach Buggy.

Teslanene | 02/10/2019

You guys are lucky, 2 ICE cars here I have to maintain. Probably put 1000 miles on them this year combine. Time for the oil change going to the ford dealership soon for the free popcorn and WiFi.

FISHEV | 02/10/2019

Mostly get fixes for issues with three services in four months. And "refuel" takes more time than gassing so can take the oil change/service time and apply it to charging. A lot of early issues with the car so maybe that will even out over time but right now more service time for the EV than ICE.

Mike83 | 02/10/2019

Trolls crack me up; sounds like a bunch of russians drinking vodka.

Don't need an ICE car. Sorry Teslanene you still have a fossil; better sell it before they lose more value, My neighbor asked if I could jump her car but told her my car is ALL electric so I couldn't. She has to wait in the cold for an hour to get a jump.

howard | 02/10/2019

Thought I would have time to complete the EFI on my Rotrex Super Charged 64 Ghia, but still can't find the time. Wait that was also a BT problem as well. Guess it has not helped that much. What stinking extra time.

-TheJohn- | 02/10/2019

I keep a daily log of theoretical time not spent doing things like that and then use it up flagging troll posts here.

Mike83 | 03/10/2019

Yes John. But with the large amount of time saved it only takes 5 minutes to read everything. One oil change takes 1 hour driving and another hour waiting and driving home. Just for oily changes I save about 20 hours/year.
OK. Need a sauna before my workout.
Life is great.

MoonDog | 03/10/2019

I watch Sentry videos with a beer... ;-)

CharleyBC | 03/10/2019

Romance Mode. No Tesla software required.

rxlawdude | 03/10/2019

Spending more time following all the bills going through the California Legislature. (Really only interested in pharmacy/drug/prescribing types, but I get late evening storms of updates on every bill's progress.)

Lots more fun than servicing our Teslas.

SalisburySam | 03/10/2019

New task: washing the car.

Mike83 | 03/10/2019

Just got an xbox type controller from amazon(was recommended by Now you Know Youtube video)
All those buttons and toggle sticks take some time to learn. Cuphead is very interesting but I really like Beach Buggy driving. This might prevent old aging.
I just discovered Karaoke(Caraoke). I love it.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 03/10/2019

Put it in the time bank for if they really need service since it takes an eternity to get parts :)

Mike83 | 03/10/2019

Haven't needed any parts but just ordered the fob. What parts?

Evie3 | 03/10/2019

Drink more wine...

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 03/10/2019

Mike83 | October 3, 2019
Haven't needed any parts but just ordered the fob. What parts?

That’s a part.

I’ve only had my car for about a month and haven’t needed a thing. Hopefully that trend continues. My buddy had the actuator in the door open button stop working. It took, wait for it, 4 months to replace.

psamal8 | 04/10/2019

Life has changed in many ways. I do not notice gas stations any more except when my wife announces Price per Gallon as I pass by them! Washing (and drying) the 3 takes half the time that I used to spend on my Lexus - aerodynamics assists! No checking under the hood, while keeping fingers off hot (or suspected to be hot) surfaces!!

AWDTesla | 04/10/2019

My 3 has been in for service a half dozen times but still convenient with the whole mobile service thing. I dont mind that it's in for service often as long as that service continues.

calvin940 | 04/10/2019

I do basically whatever the heck I want to do with all that free time. Take drives for no reason with my kiddies, play boardgames, just generally good life things!

bckator | 04/10/2019

This could make a great commercial if ever Tesla needed that.

CharleyBC | 04/10/2019

@Evie3: that’s almost as good as my idea (above). And the two go together well, too...

FISHEV | 04/10/2019

Charging on public chargers takes about 8 hours a month for me with 24k mile average. So EV'ing for many of us takes a LOT more time than fueling and maintenance did on our gasoline cars but we do it to cut emissions. Not just the charging time but watching the range, planning the charging, the extra travel just for charging adds even more to the 8 hours of just charging. Out of town for a few days so a 20 mile trip to VC to charge, a hour overall but something I don't need to do with a gasoline car. So the overall time cost for the Tesla about 12 hours a month,

Fueling the car was probably 7 hours a month for the Subaru with 10 minutes travel and fueling vs. 30 minutes for the Tesla. Add two hours a month average for oil changes and maintenance and the Subaru was less time on fuel and maintenance than the Tesla. Just a few hours a month but the EV takes more time for many owners.

andy.connor.e | 04/10/2019

The individual will experience different. Your calculations are actually something accurate for as unbelievable as it is coming from you.

For me i have charging at home availability, and there is a supercharger located at the grocery store i shop at. Others may be less fortunate. If i charged at home and at the store you can factor in zero hours per month spent charging. *Your experience may vary.

FISHEV | 04/10/2019

"For me i have charging at home availability, and there is a supercharger located at the grocery store i shop at."@andy.connor.e

Which is a problem we see a lot, people with home charging who just plug in because they can, a lot of S and X owners because it's FREE. So the SC's get over crowded with owners who don't need to use them but do because the can or to save a few dollars. Even if I charged at home, I'd pay more $0.31 kWh vs. Tesla's $0.28 kWh.

If Tesla offered those with "unlimited free charging" a cash buyout for the service it would likely help the growing problem of overcrowding and overuse.

Magic 8 Ball | 04/10/2019

Where is the data to show what "a lot" or "many" actually is? Who is "we" and how many are "we"? The agenda to make mountains out of molehills, without any data and only hyperbole is crystal clear.

andy.connor.e | 04/10/2019

Agreed. Supercharger overcrowding is not an issue yet here in the NY capital district, but everytime i drive by the stalls there are typically 2-3 MX/MS and only 1 M3.

Tronguy | 04/10/2019

For those of you who don't know: FISHEV is a troll. And very likely a paid-for astroturfing troll, at that. Variously, over time: He didn't have a Tesla; he did have a Tesla; he had a Kona EV; he didn't have one; he's had solar; he doesn't talk about solar; he was going to meet with people who were going to acknowledge his actual existence; that meeting didn't materialize, but another Very New Poster (now suspected as either another astroturfing troll and/or sockpuppet) appeared out of the blue to vouch for him.
There's been one consistency out of this guy and the half-dozen or so other posters who tend to hand with him: They consistently bad mouth Tesla, the user experience, the actual sales numbers, and on and on.
I've noticed that this bunch shows particularly whenever the shorts in the stock market are busy and especially when there's good news about Tesla; their job appears to be, literally, creating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, especially with new posters or browsers of these fora who don't know their history.
They particularly don't seem to show up on the Tesla Motor Club forums.. Probably because those forums have moderators who Mean It.
You have been warned.

AWDTesla | 04/10/2019

FISHEV, almost every EV owner I know has never used or hardly used public or superchargers. Like me, 99% of their charging is done overnight, at home, while they sleep. That's probably one of the best perks of having an EV, so unfortunately, you're dead wrong here.

andy.connor.e | 04/10/2019

Its also likely everything he says is not actually real. No one can verify anything he says except the people he says he talked to which he self-verifies himself. Not sure why anyone would take anything he says seriously.

Magic 8 Ball | 04/10/2019

In the thread he just deleted he said his buddy saw his solar array. Last I recall is there was only one hookup and it was at an SC. Did he delete the thread because of that?

andy.connor.e | 04/10/2019

Might have gotten enough flag counts. He can self-verify himself all he wants but it doesnt make anything he says more validated or more correct.

Techy James | 04/10/2019

@Mike83 Move to Northern Ohio, and during Wintertime at least every other month you will have to do the one maintenance my Sales person told me about. That is refill the Windshield Washer fluid. Definitely don't want to run out on a wintery day with fresh salt on the road. That stuff makes visibility horrible if you don't have washer fluid to clean it off.

As for extra time, I spend it babying the car, nice weekly wash. (I know about the 2 bucket method, but so far the single bucket works for me, and I firmly believe if it's not broken don't fix it.) Then Turtle Wax Black Polish and Wax about once a month. Keeps that black looking with that mirror like Black shine.