Thought I had about road noise. Something like this possible?

Thought I had about road noise. Something like this possible?

I had a 3am thought that I had around reducing in-cabin noise of ANY car, but since I love my Tess, I'd want it first. Is it feasible to use noise canceling technology in a car? My understanding is noise canceling will listen for noise, say tire moan, and actively play the inverse sound wave so human ears can't detect it. Could Tesla use a microphone and car stereo to do that? If it works, we wouldn't care about acoustic foam or heavy sound deadening material. This could possibly by done all over-the-air too.

I often have ideas that don't work for some reason. What are the holes in this plan?

PECo CT | 07/10/2019

A bunch of cars already do this.

walnotr | 07/10/2019

You could wear your noise canceling headphones. :-)

But seriously, I think it would be nice if it could work, but filtering the unwanted sounds from the wanted may be problematic.

Lorenzryanc | 07/10/2019

Some do it already?! That's awesome. I imagine the system could be tuned to only wind or tire noise too. So you can still hear horns for example.

Keithdorschner | 07/10/2019

Which cars already use noise cancellation and can anyone tell us how effective it is? This feature, which I would love to have if effective, does sound like a software update sort of thing.

Keithdorschner | 07/10/2019

Wouldn’t it try to cancel conversations/music? I can see the Tesla drivers now, cruising along in autopilot screaming at each other with the music blasting!

mknewman | 07/10/2019

They typically only cancel continuous background noise. They are quite good about letting conversations through. It's not a Cone of Silence.

Lorenzryanc | 07/10/2019

I hear (no pun intended) the systems "listen" for sounds and choose what it wants to cancel. Usually works very well for repetitive sounds like an aircraft engine. I'm sure you could set the program to only focus on those sounds. Mind you, I'm not educated on the subject besides what I've said here.

garretn | 07/10/2019

My 2014 Cadillac ELR had noise cancellation on it. I can't tell you how well that worked but I can tell you going from it to the Model 3 was disappointing as far as road noise goes. The ELR was a lot quieter car.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 07/10/2019

“Which cars already use noise cancellation and can anyone tell us how effective it is?”

Porsche has done it for probably 2 decades. As to how effective it is, I’ve never seen it studied. I don’t believe you can toggle it on or off to compare.

gmr6415 | 07/10/2019

Bose brings noise-cancelling technology to cars

adoh2010 | 07/10/2019

The first car to have the technology was the last generation of the Honda Prelude. It was, and still is, a barely noticeable difference. Removing the wheels and suspension, spraying rubberized insulation around the wheel wells, and adding a couple hundred pounds worth of mass loaded vinyl inside the cabin/trunk is the only way you'll notice a worthy difference in road noise.

johnmann | 07/10/2019

Noise cancellation will not work in a large space like inside a car. The microphone for detecting ambient noise and the introduction of its inverse both need to be right near your ears, as in a pair of headphones. If they are in other locations the ambient sound and the introduced sound will be in phase in some places and out of phase in others and with reflection off of many surfaces it's likely to increase the average noise rather than reduce it. I believe what some cars employ is simply a low white or pink noise that tends to mask other noises.

howard | 07/10/2019

Engineering relative to reducing external noise penetration and the required materials is not conducive to low cost, performance, efficiency or range. The M3 was not designed to be overly quiet for specific reasons.