Dash Cam/Sentry Mode auto save?

Dash Cam/Sentry Mode auto save?

When V10 installed on my M3 I was headed out the door on a trip. Today I drove it for the first time and noticed that when I got to my destination and put it into park a notice with a green checkmark popped up on the touchscreen and said "saving" then it switched to "saved" as if it was auto saving Dash Cam video.

When I came out of the store and put it into drive it did the same thing as if was saving Sentry Mode video even though there was no event.

I had recently erased the TeslaCam folder on the SSD, so there were no files in the folder when I left the house. When I looked in the TeslaCam folder it had created the recent and saved folders that it normally creates. There were files in the recent folder, but none in the saved folder.

I stopped again and it did the same thing. Then I purposely initiated sentry mode. When I got back in the car and put it into drive I got the pop up notice again.

When I got home it had created the saved folder for sentry mode and there were files in it.

I knew from the release notes that it was going to add the sentry mode folder, but I don't think it said anything about auto saving Dash Cam video. That said the notice pops up, but it doesn't auto save anything.

Has anyone else seen this. Maybe someone already posted while I was away from my computer.

vernisious | 08/10/2019

Have you saved a profile? I believe the v10 update has more things other than steering wheel and mirrors that save on your profile. I have seen the 'saved' in green more often since the update.