New Tesla Owner Planning Trip

New Tesla Owner Planning Trip

Hi Guys & Gals, New Model 3 LR owner (1 week) with some range anxiety. Planning a road trip from Fort Mill, SC to Boca Raton, FL and would appreciate some advice from you veterans.
Charging at the following Supercharger locations with mileage for each leg. Fort Mill to Santee, SC 150mi, Santee to Kingsland, GA 208mi, Kingsland to Port Orange, FL 135mi, Port Orange to Melbourne, 82mi, and Melbourne to Boca Raton 136mi.
Trying to get a feel for the time spent at each supercharger charging to 80%. Needless to say I haven’t used a supercharger to date.
Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

jvcesare | 07/10/2019

Did you use the Tesla trip planner?

gballant4570 | 07/10/2019

Your range anxiety will be gone by the time your trip is over. I would suggest that you check the estimated SOC at supercharger arrival, and adjust if its lower than you're comfortable with. My wife and I are looking forward to stopping anyway when charging is required, so we always charge to 90% to be sure the car isn't demanding attention before we're ready to provide it. Getting back to 90% gives you 30+ minutes, long enough to stretch your legs and have a snack. If you get done a little early, stop the charging at a bit less than 90% if you like. Looking at your stops, your leg mileage is quite short - I'm thinking your SOC won't get low enough to worry you.
Destination charging is another subject - the car's navigation sometimes plans your arrival with a fair;y low SOC. Nowadays I plan places we are staying based on destination charging availability.

rob.kibler | 07/10/2019

Also try It will give you the answers you seek.

NKYTA | 07/10/2019 also works

MTF16 | 07/10/2019

Welcome. It looks like you'll mostly using the v2 150kW max superchargers. This is much faster than v1 72kW. so 20~80% could be just 20 minutes or so. A few tips: try to arrive with about 15 to 20% charge. You'll get fastest speed. Try to look at the car map if a station is heavily used. Avoid them if you can. You may find yourself waiting in line. You may have already know. Adjacent stalls share power, try to avoid sharing if you can. They other owner will appreciate this. Enjoy you rest stops and meal brakes. Use the energy meter to estimate range. The range beside the battery icon is just showing the % of charge, mostly.

vmulla | 07/10/2019

I've done that route many times - it's so easy and convenient that it's almost boring.

Just relax and follow the screen instructions - not much planning required on that route.

ronbandel | 07/10/2019

Thanks guys and MTF16 the estimated time was what I was looking for. The locations of the superchargers I checked out all had 4-5 star reviews.

Brian | 07/10/2019

Since you have range anxiety, I suggest planning on 50% more time than any of those planners suggest for charging. Then allow another say 15 minutes per stop. Charge higher than suggested also, at least at the first stop or two, until you learn what you and the car will use. You shouldn't need that much, but it will make you feel more comfortable, and less anxious. On top of that, you'll enjoy the trip more. You'll also, probably get to your destination early. Then you can use this as a learning experience for your next trip(s). You can trim the time down each time until you are comfortable.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)
Oh, and enjoy the trip

Bighorn | 07/10/2019

A leg over 200 miles is high for a first outing with range anxiety.

apodbdrs | 08/10/2019

@ronbandel, my advice is use the Telsa trip planner, but don't get all hung up that you have to use every Tesla supercharge recommended. Consider other superchargers on the way that are near where you need to stretch or make a short pit stop, A 10-15 minute, super charge on the way reduces range anxiety. Also, a good idea is check the status on your screen as to how many chargers are open, that may change your plans on where and how much to charge. It does take a different mindset and a little adjustment in planning, but not a big deal. Enjoy your trip, you will love the car!

apodbdrs | 08/10/2019

At the superchargers, talk to the other Tesla drivers, they are a great bunch and can offer good advice.

vmulla | 08/10/2019

+1 @apodbdrs.
Very good advice

hokiegir1 | 08/10/2019

Just an FYI about Santee -- it tends to be a busy station, so you may have to share a pair (slower charge) or wait a few minutes there. If you can, plan that one to be your longer "lunch" stop. The restaurant in the hotel is really good, or there are a few fast food places across the street. You may not have to be there longer, but if you plan for it and don't need it, it's easier to deal with than waiting when you weren't expecting to.

EVRider | 08/10/2019

You won’t need to make that many stops between Santee and Boca Raton unless you need a bathroom break. I’m on a road trip now in my Model S100D (335 mile range) — I live about 15 miles north of Boca, and only stopped at Port Orange and Kingsland on the way to Santee.

By the way, there’s no supercharger in Boca, but there’s one in Delray Beach.

I planned every stop for my first road trip, but now I just let the car tell me where I need to stop.

hokiegir1 | 08/10/2019

Oh, and I just popped this into

Santee for 11 minutes (33-62%)
Savannah for 16 minutes (15-56%)
Kingsland for 19 minutes (15-70%)
Port Orange for 13 minutes (15-50%)
West Melbourne for 22 minutes (15-70%)
Arrive in Boca with 15%

The Savannah stop makes your longest leg 140 miles and most are in the 1.5-2 hour drive time range.

Bighorn | 08/10/2019

The only problem with Savannah, and I figured that was the skipped one, is that there tend to be technical issues with the pedestals.

hokiegir1 | 08/10/2019

@Bighorn. True -- and it's not a favorite of some people. I've never had major issues there, other than it being near capacity once (holiday travel), but some aren't fans of having to go to the airport. I like that it's got 24 hour facilities.

vmulla | 08/10/2019

Looks like I got lucky with Savannah thus far. I don't like the detour to the airport either, and it is a bit harder to find. But all said, I do not expect every single supercharger to be fantastic - it does the job, and I'm not asking for more. Its only a matter of time before better SuperCharging options show up on that route.

I'm really liking the Sheetz/Royal Farms/WaWa setup - those chargers cover all the basic needs.

garretn | 09/10/2019

I'm not sure why but I keep attempting to get to and over the last several months have only got the site to pull up once. I liked the site but for some reason, it never works.

donharvey2323 | 10/10/2019

Just press the right scroll wheel and say " Take me to Boca Raton Florida". The in car nav will plan your charging stops and tell you how long at each one.

RedPillSucks | 10/10/2019

Is one of those supercharger spots at an airport parking garage? I can't remember. I did a similar route (down 95 south) and didn't realize the charger was in an airport parking garage. If so, make sure you tell the attendant on your way out that you're just there to charge the car, and they shouldn't charge you extra money for the time spent.

therougeuxs | 10/10/2019

We traveled from Louisville KY to Jacksonville FL last month in our SR+ for our 1st trip and had a great time. We stopped in Santee and there was only 1 other Tesla there. What was funny, in the store next to McDonald's, they sell those candy cigarettes. I was's been probably 30 years since I saw those.

Savannah was not as bad as I was told. (was told to avoid it, but couldn't). First stall we pulled in and it worked just fine.

Kingsland has a concrete table to sit at and eat.

If we can make a trip like this and have 0 range anxiety, then you should have none too. Relax and enjoy the ride.