12 V battery issues - computer issues?

12 V battery issues - computer issues?

I got an alert saying
"Car needs service"
Car may not restart.
I made an appointment
After a few days another alert joined the first saying "12V battery ..."

At the service appointment in Fremont they replaced my 12V battery. Apparently even though the car is not more than 14 months old - the 12V is not under warranty. I had to pay 220$ odd for a new battery.
A day after the 12V battery replacement - I see a new collection of alerts -
"Car needs service"
Car may not restart.
"12 v power reduced" Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly"
"Lane avoidance may not work"

Seems to me that the 12 V battery may have been fine but there are other issues with the car. The earliest service appointment is still more than a week away.

Whats my recourse? How do i escalate the issue to get a speedy outcome and maybe get tesla to stand behind the 12V battery ? ( Trying hard to not make any jokes about tesla's million mile battery when their 12V battery doesn't last for 10k miles). My family really cant take any downtime from the Model 3. None of my other cars have Karaoke :(


gballant4570 | 08/10/2019

Schedule service and take it in. What sort of recourse are you looking for? You could call the SC and see if they can accelerate your appt......

nkarkhan | 08/10/2019

Let me try calling the service center.
Recourse? a refund for the 220$ they charged for the 12V battery would be nice.

apodbdrs | 08/10/2019

Info regarding the 12V battery, read the link below:

Ron.Olsberg | 09/10/2019

From what I have read on this forum and others, I thought the 12V battery warranty was four years or 50K miles? Many forum members say don't worry about the 12V AGM battery because of the warranty. Some have had the battery replaced two or three times during the four year period. Unless I am remembering what I read on the forums incorrectly, most if not all have been replaced under warranty? maybe it was under goodwill and that has now changed? Also, I have read a fair number of posts regarding improper/loose 12V connections causing problems like you described and the problem was not with the 12V battery. Have things changed regarding the warranty?

dwakelee | 09/10/2019

By chance, have you added an accessory like a wired-in dash cam or radar detector? Model 3 looks for unexpected power draw on all 12V circuits (except the accessory outlet). If you've wired something in elsewhere, this has been known to trigger this. Lots of info on TMC and elsewhere. This could be your problem given same issue with the new battery. Otherwise this sounds like a fault in the vehicle - which should be covered by warranty.

aha641 | 10/10/2019

I got my Model 3 early September. Since then 12v battery has died twice. What Am I doing wrong. I have <10 miles commute to work. Dont play music, hardly use ac, no sentry mode use. Is this a lemon?

gballant4570 | 10/10/2019

nkarkhan, recourse can only come from Tesla, not anyone on this forum. Once you have made your service appointment, and the SC understands that their original remedy did not resolve the issue, you can discuss recourse for the misdiagnosis with them.

gballant4570 | 10/10/2019

BTW, 12V battery manufacturers warrant their products. Usually the point of sale merchant honors that warranty, and deals with the manufacturer. Tesla should also do this for you.

Tronguy | 10/10/2019

Um. The SO's Tesla came back from a two-week stay at the SC. The fault on the screen was, "12 V battery power reduced. Car may not start" or something like that. Solution was to replace the pagoda wiring harness, the battery, and a pryofuse.
However... Searches on the web popped up a half-dozen complaints: The worst was an owner whose drive unit was replaced; others had batteries, battery cables, control boxes, et. al. replaced, all under warranty.
This car was received 9/2018, so it's just under a year old.
Battery has its own warranty, as others have said. But even in ye olde tyme auto repair follies, a dead battery could be caused by a bad charging circuit, alternator, or other cables; auto repair shops kept a box with lights that could help figure out what was wrong. Tesla will be no different.

nkarkhan | 07/11/2019

Continuing this thread.
12v battery was replaced with me paying for it
Problem returned, they replaced another bunch of parts
Rear seat belt was not bolted back. Another trip.
And today have another appointment because the original “car may not restart’ is back.

For every appointment I first get a appointment for a mobile technician.. usually at least a week out. And then a week later a notice saying that the mobile can’t do it and I have to bring the car in.. and that appointment is another week out.
I am in fremont.. next to the Tesla plant.

Why is the service so bad? How can they afford 4 appointments for fixing 1 issue?
And no loaners .. just those Uber vouchers? I got 2 vouchers but apparently a fare can’t straddle 2 vouchers and resolving that thru Uber is harder than getting a response from Tesla.

Scrannel | 07/11/2019

I live in So. Ca., We have learned, over the years, where to take our cars for paint etc., and actually our choice in vehicles is largely determined by the quality of the specific dealership. We've had nothing but Land Rovers for years, just because our dealer is fantastic. This is my first Tesla and I'm waiting to find out how good their service center, which is quite close, will be.

nkarkhan | 07/11/2019

Tell me about it :(
I was okay to overlook that when I bought the car, it was dirty , the windshield wiper fluid was low and it wasnt charged up.. I figured there were teething problems..
Have you tried Tesla solar? Thats another issue ..its been a month and they still cant tell me if they can install on my roof.
Mr. Elon Musk. I love the big plans but how about fixing these low hanging customer interaction issues? Sooner or later theres going to be competition and Caraoke and 300 mile range isn't going to cut it :(