Lane shading?

Lane shading?

During my commute this morning, a ride share bus was in the hov lane. Since there are concrete bunkers on the left of that lane that are too close, the bus was understandably hugging the right side if it’s lane. I swear the AP shaded slightly to the right of my lane as I passed the bus and then returned to the center once past the bus. It was so slight I’m questioning whether I just imagined it. Anyone else notice this with the new upgrades?

sjm4660 | 09/10/2019

You're not imagining it! Mine's been doing that since last weeks software update. It moves over, I guess 6" but a little bit abruptly for my taste. It also moves over for smaller trucks like F150 but - too late - it moves almost when the truck has gone past. I'm sure they'll fix that. I didn't know this was called 'lane shading'! Learning all the time!

spuzzz123 | 09/10/2019

Haven’t noticed yet but that would be a welcome change. My wife has been nervous about that in the past when on autopilot next to encroaching trucks.

Smalm | 09/10/2019

Yup this was an awesome change.

strava | 09/10/2019

I can confirm that the lane shading is real! I experienced more than 10 times since the update. Every time my M3 "shaded" a truck and got back to center after the truck passed. I looked forward to this feature for a long time.

beaver | 09/10/2019

Yes this is real and new to v10, I have been lane shaded a few times away from buses. But it doesn’t appear to work for cars, I hope they expand its use cases to cars encroaching on my lane as well.

Joshan | 09/10/2019

I had it do it when a car in oncoming traffic on a 2 lane road was riding the middle line. That was pretty sweet!

hokiegir1 | 09/10/2019

@beaver - I've noticed that the encroaching cars are one of the triggers for hard braking that feels random. It's not something a human would slam on their brakes for, but the car seems (or seemed -- haven't seen it in a few days) to do that.

strava | 10/10/2019