Does my new Tesla have the Summons feature?

Does my new Tesla have the Summons feature?

I'm not sure if my new Tesla has the summons feature. I just got it and don't see the option on the phone app. Maybe not all of them have that feature?

hokiegir1 | 10/10/2019

Did you pay for FSD?

joancurtis618 | 10/10/2019

What is the FSD? Maybe I didn't.

CharleyBC | 10/10/2019

It depends what you bought. Cars being delivered now would have to have Full Self Driving (FSD) to get Smart Summon and several other autonomous features.

PS: it’s Smart Summon—no final S. Summons is a law thing.

KAM6 | 10/10/2019

Full self driving option

bjrosen | 10/10/2019

FSD costs $6000, if you bought it you would have noticed that. You can upgrade to FSD at anytime just by paying the $6K,

CST | 10/10/2019

You can get a summons if you break the law in front of a law enforcement officer. Otherwise, you can purchase summon through Tesla.

jeremynordland | 10/10/2019

If you don't know what FSD is I'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't have summons.

RayNLA | 10/10/2019

Sommons gonna get mad about the use if the word Summons!!!

Lonestar10_1999 | 11/10/2019

Believe it or not, there are some M3s delivered with FSD which was neither ordered nor paid for. So if “come to me” appears on your Tesla app and your M3 connects with it, enjoy it while it lasts.