Run flat tires

Run flat tires

I follow the forums, but I don't remember the subject of run flat tires coming up before. Probably has, but, anyway, what is the opinion on run flat tires? It seems like an obvious choice for a car with no spare tire. I guess you get higher unsprung weight, which might affect performance a hair. Are they quieter? Any thoughts appreciated.

jordanrichard | 11/10/2019

No, you don’t want run flats. One they are heavier which will affect range. They are also stiffer than a regular tire. Lastly, the tire manufacturers have gone from promoting these tires as a way to get to the nearest tire shop to get a repair to, don’t repair but rather replace the tire. So, you pay more for the tire itself, it affects range, and in net affect, they are unrepairable tire.

stingray.don | 11/10/2019

My Corvette came with run flat tires (traded it in on the Tesla) and they created a lot of road noise. I would not want to go back.

sabbia | 12/10/2019

After two flats I put run flat tires on my Model S. I did this after talking to Tesla support. I have experienced absolutely no downside. If there is loss of range it is negligible. If there is a loss in 0-60 time I haven't noticed it and I think I would prefer that to calling a flat bed truck.

Highly recommended.

Tesla2018 | 13/10/2019

Sabbia-Did you notice any change in handling? I dont care about road noise or decreased range but dont want it to affect the way the car feels. What brand did you go with?

Yodrak. | 13/10/2019

Run-flat tires have very stiff sidewalls, which is why you can continue to ride on them when a tire looses air. The ride will be different.

hvopov335903 | 14/10/2019

I think it is denagerous and uncomfortable running with flat tyres, which would influence you driving experience. So for yor car safety, it is advised to regularly check and inflate your tyre pressure once a time every fortnight since tyre maintainence is easily negelected by drivers.