GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!

GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!

I do not think I have been this excited for ANYTHING in a LONG LONG LONG TIME!!!

At 11 am Saturday, the 19th, my wife and I will be official Model 3 owners.
Standard Range plus.
White Paint
White Interior
19" Rims

Mats, ordered.
Wireless phone charger, ordered
128gb memory card for Sentry, ordered
Dyson cordless vac, ordered
Purell, Dawn and baby wipes to clean seats, ordered

My 3 sons are gonna be at the house with us, waiting for the car to be delivered. They will probably jump in it and drive it before I do.

Pg3ibew | 16/10/2019

@Mike83, I have all of the KNICK KNACKS, LOL. As a matter of fact, I walked in from the Gym and there it was, my DYSON Car vac!!!!!! Just delivered from Amazon!!!

cmh95628 | 16/10/2019

My wish for you is that you love your car as much as I love mine. You are in for such a treat! Congrats.

Pg3ibew | 16/10/2019

@cmh95628 , I don't even have it yet, and I love it!!!!

Pg3ibew | 16/10/2019

I am not sure how many of you are old enough to remember the old days. Back in the early 70s, when I was a kid, a neighbor getting a new car was a BIG DEAL and all the neighbors and kids came out to OOGLE at the neighbor's new car. Well, that has not happened for a LONG TIME. It appears to be happening with Tesla Cars. All 3 of my sons, my Brother in law, my Nephew and a few friends and neighbors are going to be at my house when Tesla Delivers my Car Saturday. My work friends have all BOOKED reservation rides for Monday Morning when I get to work.

Lonestar10_1999 | 16/10/2019

Regarding puddle lights, I don’t believe they are active in the SR+ configuration due to deliberate software disabling. That being the case, upgrading the puddle lights makes no sense in an SR+.

M3phan | 16/10/2019

54 hours...

rchau28 | 16/10/2019

Congrats! Welcome to the EV World

RayNLA | 16/10/2019

I’m very excited for you!
I highly recommend that you at least have the front bumper and rocker panels wrapped with PPF.
You should also order a set of jack pads specific to the Model 3.
Ceramic tint really makes a difference in keeping the interior cool and in my opinion reduces road noise.
Take the long way home from now on!

Joseb | 16/10/2019

Congrats! Enjoy, wait for your first road trip, is just great!


Pg3ibew | 17/10/2019

Thank you for all the advice.
@Ray, where would I find jack pads?

Fuzzball | 17/10/2019

Pg3ibew :)
Where in NYC?

kevin_rf | 17/10/2019

Side favor, when you receive the car, can you post what the EPA milage and range ratings are on the Monroe Sticker (that giant white sticker all new cars come with). They changed up the range on the website, so I'm curious if they have changed the sticker.

Pg3ibew | 17/10/2019

@Firaz, SI
@kevin, yes. I will post the sticker.

RayNLA | 17/10/2019

You can find them on EBay. Here is the set i purchased. I just keep them in the charging bag in the trunk.
Thanks for asking!

Devilstower | 17/10/2019

@Pg3ibew I came to the Model 3 from a Chevy Volt and stuck with the 1772 charger I had as my everyday juice box. It works just fine.

Pg3ibew | 17/10/2019

@Ray, Just ordered. Thanks.
@Devil, Thanks. I am doing the same thing. Sticking with the J1772 until it gives me reason to change it.
T minus 43 hours!!!

Sparky | 17/10/2019

Sunday's gonna be Funday!

vmulla | 17/10/2019

Sparky | October 17, 2019
Sunday's gonna be Funday!
I disagree, it's Saturday that's fun day :)

TabascoGuy | 17/10/2019

After today, every day that ends in Y will be Funday for Pg3ibew.

Pg3ibew | 17/10/2019

@all of you. We have fun EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday will become MORE FUN!!!!!!!

Shesmyne2 | 17/10/2019

Yay for you!
Welcome to the family.

Nice to see a happy post.

Still Grinning ;-)

moabchick | 17/10/2019

@pg3 - CONGRATS! You are going to be so happy! I just passed my 1 year anniversary with my Model 3 and I still say it is my favorite possession ever!

Xbox One wired controller is what I have for the games.
Be ready to have uncontrollable urges to just go out and DRIVE!

RayNLA | 17/10/2019

You getting your 3 Saturday reminded me of this Hip Hop song from the 90’s

M3G | 17/10/2019

Congratulations! You’ll like it very much. You don’t even want to drive an ICE car again.

M3phan | 17/10/2019

36 hours or so...........,

andrewsjra | 17/10/2019

You’ll love your car. Man I’ve spent so much on my car. Between RPMtesla and Abstract Ocean.

Pg3ibew | 18/10/2019

@moab, thanks but we aren’t much in the way of video game players.
@M3, EXACTLY 24 hours from now. 11 am tomorrow
@ the rest of you , THANKS SOO MUCH. We are drooling at this point. The anticipation is killing us!!!!

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18/10/2019

Post some pictures when u get it!

Pg3ibew | 18/10/2019

@WW, Absolutely

Xerogas | 18/10/2019

@Pg3ibew: these are puddle lights. I got SpaceX and “3”

Pg3ibew | 18/10/2019

T minus 16 hours!!

TM3Q | 18/10/2019


Congrats and enjoy your beautiful car!


vmulla | 18/10/2019

Did you think about a name for the car?

Pg3ibew | 18/10/2019

@vmulla, not really. I havent thought about that.

vmulla | 18/10/2019

For laughs and ideas:

BTW asking you to name the car is a common part of the delivery experience.

Pg3ibew | 18/10/2019

@vmulla, those are some great names!! I am cracking up laughing.

Shesmyne2 | 18/10/2019

Oh she must have a name!

Still Grinning ;-)

RayNLA | 18/10/2019

Name her “Saturday”

coselectric | 18/10/2019

Tick... tick... tick...

fjiangca | 18/10/2019

When did you place the order? How long have you been waiting?

I placed order more than a week ago, the website said that the car would be delivered within two weeks. So far, no updates what so ever. My excitement had been worn out. Becoming more and more frustrated.

andrewsjra | 18/10/2019

I would worry too much. You’ll get your car soon. When I ordered mine it took about a week or two before receiving an update that my car would be delivered. That was a year ago and the time frame was like 4 weeks and I got it in like 2 1/2 weeks.

Pg3ibew | 19/10/2019

T minus 3 hours and 50 minutes.
@fjianca, I am sort of a different case. I was on vacation for 30 days. I ordered the car BEFORE I left. Because I was skeptical as to Tesla's ability to get me the car in a timely fashion, if I ordered it when I returned. But....I will say this. I asked to have it for the 19 of Octiber when I ordered it on Aug 28. They laughed and said I didn't need that long a lead time. They ordered it for me anyway. And here is the funny part, I returned from vacation on Oct 6 and called them. They told me I could have the car the next day!!!!

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 19/10/2019

We r out of luck brother or sister. Placed mine little over a week ago and ask them about time frame two days ago. Rep told me that it's 6-10 weeks now for my order. When I placed order it was 2 weeks. ( Loan is good for up to 30 days. I don't know if I should proceed if it's going to take longer then that. My credit is above 800 and I don't want to effect it in negative way by pulling credit inquiry again.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 19/10/2019

But in positive perspective I am still excited for you :)

Pg3ibew | 19/10/2019

@white, 6-10 weeks sound excessive. I am not doubting you. When I hear things like what you are saying, I am glad I ordered the way I did.

fearghus1 | 19/10/2019

All, I see few post here about ordering and not hearing back the status. That is pretty common with online orders. When I ordered my wall charger I didn’t hear anything for 3 days! We live in a world where things are delivered next day. Tesla should really work on their communication and logistics.

I would suggest going to showroom to order your car. That is what I did. You get an advisor assigned and he/she is your single point of contact until your car is delivered. I test drove the car on 10/12, my Tesla rep helped me find the exact one in inventory and I booked it on 10/15. If all goes well with their logistics, it should reach here by 10/21 and I will get my car on 10/23!!!

Pg3ibew | 19/10/2019

@fear, related story to ordering from the Tesla store. I ordered in d 3 different items from the tesla store on 3 different days. I got 3 emails that my order was placed. Then I got ONE email that ONE item shipped. I never heard about the other 2 items. 3 days later, all THREE items came in one package. Haha

Pg3ibew | 19/10/2019

@fear, I also ordered in the showroom.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 19/10/2019

Correct if they can find existing inventory that matches your build you will get it way faster. We ordered LR white on white and my rep only found black interior ones in inventory close to my location. He did say they will get ton of new inventory soon and if he find matching car he will let me know.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 19/10/2019