Used Tesla price will be lower when Tesla Y release

Used Tesla price will be lower when Tesla Y release

There is rumor that Tesla Y is in production earlier than expected.
So I guess used Tesla cars price will be reduced significantly. Especially Used Tesla X.
New Tesla Price will be the same.

jimglas | 16/10/2019

but what about all the tezlakillers? | 16/10/2019

@n7142701886 - Well - I doubt it. The Model S used pricing was unaffected by Model 3. The Model X and Y are quite different vehicles. Just like a BMW 3 series is not the same as a BWM 7 series.

n7142701886 | 16/10/2019

Lots of people are looking for 3 row Tesla, but Model X is pricy so they bought Used Tesla X. I guess people will buy Tesla Y instead of used Tesla X. | 16/10/2019

Then again a lot of people would rather have a used X and all its features that are not available on the Y for the same price as a Y. It goes both ways. Really hard to say if there will be any effect on the used X market prices.

Bagzzz | 16/10/2019

If used value stays high, we might trade our X for a Y. If everyone does that, used retail will drop.