SR+ range drop in FL, around Hurricane Dorian

SR+ range drop in FL, around Hurricane Dorian

Noticed a 20 mile range drop in my SR+ in September, coinciding with hurricane Dorian expected to hit. I have not opted to downgrade to the SR, nor did I receive a software update. The car sits plugged in at 90% SOC daily at work, or nightly at home. Chatted with multiple tesla chat reps, and they stated a configuration change was made on September 3rd around 7pm. They did not say what that config was, but it seems that they inadvertently reduced range to some SR+ and may have increased the range on SR's. After informing me to hold tight on the chat while he reached out, approx 10 min, he came back and essentially gave a legal scripting. Stating- when consistently charging between 50-70% the rated range is off. However, I charge to 90% regularly. At first the reps are understanding of my issue and agree there is an issue, then when come back from superiors, their tone changes and they seem defensive. No change in driving habits, maybe I have even driven more eco friendly to attempt to reduce the wh/mi to increase range back to 240. I have deep cycled my battery from 100% - 8% and back up to 90, this still gets me at 220 miles @ 100%.

Anyone in the Fl region see an impact on your range? Attempting to gather multiple vehicles impacted, to get tesla to look into this fix.

andy.connor.e | 16/10/2019

Not sure i understand. Dorian was 2 months ago, why are you posting about this now as if its happening currently?

courson01 | 16/10/2019

I am preparing for a road trip this weekend so I charged to 100% last week to see my expected range. I reached out to Tesla to see if this was normal degradation, and at the time they stated no, but there was a config update. This would make sense as to the decreased range. Normally I do not care about range as my daily commute isn't large, but need to factor this into vehicle choice for my trip.

Joshan | 16/10/2019

what you need to do is go in your car and plan the route and see what it tells you. The car is smart, it will tell you everything about the trip.

courson01 | 16/10/2019

Yes, utilizing the in car nav, it says I will need to stop about 3 times starting with a 100% charge and staying under 75. (I think my lifetime wh/mi are around 260). Utilizing a better route planner I would only need to stop 2 times @80mph, adjusting for speed, weather, weight, SOC etc.( I understand this is an estimate) I only have 5000 miles on the car, so I don't think degradation is the issue. I think the config update on 9/3 may have accidentally software limited my battery to 220. I have read a few other posts about this, and I think they made a boo boo lol.

Techy James | 16/10/2019

While I have LR model so I can't say specifically of any issues to the SR+. But if your range is indicating at 100% 220 instead of the expected 240, I would recommend two things.
Under Account Details - Manage make sure it correctly shows the SR+. If it does then I would setup a SC visit to have them check the system to find out why there is about 9% reduction in range. Now if the Account details incorrectly shows SR and Not SR+ then you will want a contact Tesla and have them check your car configuration to adjust to show what you paid for.

courson01 | 16/10/2019

On the car itself, under the "T" is shows Standard Plus. However on the account details - Manage, it shows nothing that states standard or standard plus. I chatted again with Tesla and asked to update my configuration, we will see the outcome but this individual said 'I see your issue, and reporting a ticket to advanced vehicle configuration" . I asked for the estimated range at delivery from battery logs and they stated 240. I think its just a software issue, but I hope they can rectify before this Saturday. (not holding my breath lol )