Tesla dash cam moments

Tesla dash cam moments

I find it extremely amusing when finding sentri or dash cam footage of accidents, mischief or any wild moment that gets caught by our Tesla’s. I was inspired to create an Instagram account where the public can view uploaded videos captured by our Tesla’s, all around the world, starting with my clip from last night. The iG is #tesla_caught_it. PM me if you have interesting footage captured by your Tesla.

jimglas | 22/10/2019

whats Instagram?

plugzin | 05/11/2019

FYI: Calibred Customs is installing DR900S-2Ch at our San Diego home Sunday afternoon. One each Model X and Model 3.

erin | 05/11/2019

@M3User What a jerk! (The motorcycle guy.) I think your IG account is an interesting idea. :) On a related note, I haven't taken delivery of my car yet but saw one on the street the other evening while waiting for my husband to get cash at the ATM on our walk. As I strolled by it a second time, I leaned in to see what interior/dash it had since it looked like it wasn't brand new and I wondered what previous options had been. The sentry mode kicked in and startled me... I wouldn't be shocked if I ended up in your IG feed, lol!

dkathrina323 | 06/11/2019

That's a good idea. If you create an Instagram account and share all these videos in it, everyone can watch it. On the other hand, it can be used to find the people who are responsible for those accidents.

artc1688 | 07/11/2019

any privacy issues in posting the video captured from the Tesla Cam?? A guy parked next to my new MX, undressed and made out with his oversize GF... (yuk) worst of all, they dented my car during their "interaction".... sigh | 07/11/2019

@artc - That's one video I don't want to watch! If you got a license plate, you might report it to the police as a bump and run - at least the police may be entertained.

govibak | 08/11/2019

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