Remote controlling the trunks-suggestion

Remote controlling the trunks-suggestion

It would be better if the rear trunk opens when the REMOTE CONTROL is within close range only or at user's preferences. At the moment the trunks open regardless of how far away the car is.
*Assume, I am lining at the cashier, my car is parked 200mt away, I remotely open the rear trunk, pay , walk towards my car carrying stuff with both hands (can't reach neither my phone nor the remote control) and the trunk opens when I am 2mt near car. I don't want it to open while I am miles away or not having visual control of the surroundings .

I like this feature, but it is not practical. I wish Tesla can review this and improve.


Vawlkus | 30/10/2019

Easier to get a foot sensor installed TBH.