Sport Steering Feel

Sport Steering Feel

I love that we get to change the steering feel so easily from the screen. Awesome!

My other cars are BMW, which have a really heavy feel, and after test driving the model 3 yesterday (for fun) I liked the heavy feel of the 3 - which could be influenced by the suspension and size. I would really like a “Sport+“ mode for an even heavier feel in the MX.

What do you guys think think of the sport steering feel?

Could we can get a “Sport+” in a software update? Is it possible or is it a hardware thing? | 03/11/2019

Possible, but unlikely. I suspect software only.

I like the opposite end - Comfort for long-distance travel. I wish there was a Comfort level on new cars like the old RWD cars (which is lighter than Comfort on AWD).

sunsinstudios | 06/11/2019

It's a very minor thing, most likely even a heavier steering wheel feel would not provide the same handling feel as it does on a sedan.

I would like sport acceleration on the LR though!

niduj | 07/11/2019

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