Tesla to unveil electric pickup truck

Tesla to unveil electric pickup truck

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) plans to unveil its electric pickup truck, "cybertruck," on Nov. 21 in Los Angeles near the SpaceX rocket factory, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk tweeted here on Wednesday.

David N | 06/11/2019

A lot of people have patiently been waiting for this day. Let’s hope it’s a “wow” moment and not a “what the heck” reaction.

Xerogas | 06/11/2019

I can think of some folks who will say “what the heck” no matter what.

Knowing me, I’ll say “wow” no matter what!

tew ms us | 07/11/2019

The short article quotes Musk's description of the truck's look: "It's closer to an armored personnel carrier from the future." Might woo some Hummer drivers.

andy.connor.e | 07/11/2019

Please take that with a grain of salt. He said before that the Model 3 was like a spaceship, and i think the majority of people can agree that description was not particularly precise.

Techy James | 07/11/2019

My Model 3 gets a lot of comments that it's like a spaceship inside when I give people rides using Lyft and Uber. So I would have to agree with Elon Musk here.

TabascoGuy | 07/11/2019

I agree that Model 3 doesn't look like a spaceship. However, when I test drove one, the experience was so different than any other car I'd ever driven that I would say, for lack of a better example, that it feels like driving a spaceship.

andy.connor.e | 07/11/2019

In that metaphorical description, i would agree.

jordanrichard | 07/11/2019

I think when Elon made that remark about the Model 3, he was speaking about the interior. I have had numerous people, upon getting into my MS, say that it was like a spaceship.

eandmjep | 07/11/2019

Curious about reservation fee, $1k 2k 5k?

WattsUpDoc | 07/11/2019

I am, as it seems that many others are, hoping that a lot of Elon's comments are hyperbole (e.g. Model 3 being like a spaceship). I am supportive of all of the recent electrification efforts; however, I have to admit that I am rooting for Tesla to produce a compelling product. I like to support the company that "really" began the revolution. Furthermore, I am already familiar with Tesla's service and I take solace with their Supercharging network - with which I have travelled round trip from Arizona to Florida. I am eagerly awaiting the 21st.

Varricks | 09/11/2019

More than its looks or features, my main hope is that production will commence in less than a year.

roy_h | 14/11/2019

Where is the Cyber Truck revile and how can I get invited? I'll bring a duffel bag full of cash if needed. :) | 14/11/2019

Reveal is near the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne. If you haven't gotten an invite (like most of us), there is no way to attend. They do not let anyone in without an invite and photo id.

It's likely to be broadcast live. A link for the webcast should appear on the morning of the event.

jordanrichard | 14/11/2019

TT +1

blue adept | 14/11/2019

Tesla has filed to trademark "CYBRTRK" in preparations for the November 21st. reveal:

NKYTA | 14/11/2019

Well, there goes THAT vanity plate!

Ross1 | 14/11/2019

Model C ?

Masgras | 15/11/2019

If anyone has an extra invite, I know the owner of and instagram/CYBRTRKTesla would be eternally grateful and would be happy to provide some advertising for anything they want!!

jjohnsonwa | 15/11/2019

Where can I watch the unveiling of the new Tesla Truck event? Will it be broadcast live on Youtube? I hope to live-stream it!!!!

jordanrichard | 15/11/2019

It should be live streamed on Tesla’s website.

exPGAhacker | 19/11/2019

My checkbook is ready!!

TabascoGuy | 19/11/2019

I have a dufflebag full of cash, I hope I don't have any trouble getting through security.

lucasarora493 | 19/11/2019

A lot of People are waiting for this.

andy.connor.e | 20/11/2019


andy.connor.e | 20/11/2019

Anyone know what time this is at?

blue adept | 20/11/2019

Musk plans to unveil the Cybertruck at Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California at 8 p.m. PT tomorrow and/or Thursday, November 21, which the company plans to livestream the announcement on its website (where you're already at, you know, just in case you weren't aware) and its YouTube channel:

rglossin | 21/11/2019

Another poor lighting debut.

exPGAhacker | 21/11/2019

I almost can't stand the wait. My short wish list:
1) The truck fits in my garage as does my current F-150
2) LR of at least 400 realistic miles at 75 mph so I can drive non-stop to Havasu from OC (not towing)
3) Model 3 style interior (minimalistic)
4) Integrated tow hitch and trailer hook up outlet
5) Up/down electric rear window to communicate with wifey when backing down the boat or skis
6) Beefy wheels and rims so it looks like a bad ass is driving his/her bad ass truck
7) 10,000 lbs towing capacity
8) Production start in 2020 (I know, unlikely but I can put it on my wish list, right?)

That's not asking too much, is it?

Tesla2018 | 21/11/2019

Wish they would do it earlier. Its 11PM on the East Coast and with the usual delays, it probably wont start until midnight. If they did at at 4Pm EST after the stock market closed, it would generate more buzz and TV news outlets would be able to give information on their evening and morning news.
I will be asleep and watch it Friday night after work if I dont go out and a lot of people might be going away for Thanksgiving week after work tommorrow and not even here about it if they dont follow Tesla.

rpburdette | 21/11/2019

I know alot of people are saying that Tesla's website will be broadcasting the live feed but will it just appear on the main page or where exactly on the website also I see alot of people talking about it will be on the youtube channel as well. Does anyone have any further information on tonight's event being live ?

Thanks in advance

andy.connor.e | 21/11/2019

Here we go everyone!

spuzzz123 | 21/11/2019

The damn window stunt.

david5.mitchell8 | 21/11/2019

What the heck? Wow.

RedShift | 21/11/2019

Wow, wow, wow. What was thaaaat?!

Wilber | 21/11/2019

Got to be the ugliest wierdest vehicle i have ever seen. and the window stunt sure didnt give folks confidence in the Tesla!

spuzzz123 | 21/11/2019

Did the window stunt throw off the entire presentation? I really liked what I was seeing and wanted to see the interior. It’s like the cut the whole thing short

Wilber | 21/11/2019

I meant confidence in Tesla

sosmerc | 21/11/2019

So I can see how maybe that simple, minimalist flat, slab sided design could be easily (cheaply) built. It is not much
to look at, but maybe the actual capabilities will make up for it. A DeLorean came to my mind when I first saw it. But I can also see the influence of the Lotus James Bond amphibious car as well. It will most likely sell as a novelty kind of rig kind of like the full sized Hummers. And maybe there will be some sales going for commercial use like the Forest Service or the military. It's all good for Tesla as long as it stands up to the performance specs as touted.

Ronbo | 21/11/2019

This is some elaborate joke, right?

Maxxer | 21/11/2019

I guess so

spuzzz123 | 21/11/2019

Looks to me like the cockpit of a stealth fighter

robgorman | 21/11/2019

That reveal was an epic fail. I kept waiting for the "real" truck to come on stage, especially after the window glass was shattered. Cybertruck looks like a DeLorean and a Hummer mated.

coselectric | 21/11/2019
Maxxer | 21/11/2019

The glass shattering was not good feeling

sosmerc | 21/11/2019

Kind of made the Ford Mustang Mach E reveal look like a grammy award winning production. I hope Elon's trial goes smoother than this.

blue adept | 21/11/2019

Reminds me of those offroad, Baja sport trucks that they do endurance racing with out in the desert, though the whole shattered glass thing was anti-climatic even if the ATV reveal was pretty cool.

blue adept | 21/11/2019

Yeah, I see that too @sosmerc

carlk | 21/11/2019

Everyone is talking about how he likes or not like the look but no one even mentioned the truck has no bigger outside dimensions while having way more passenger and payload capacities. It's always function dictate form especially for things like a truck. In a few years when people are able to compare the one that is more advantageous will be seen clearly. Only Tesla has the vision and is willing to take the risk or else we will be driving the same boxy pickup for another 100 years (and many would still be happy).

hcwhy | 21/11/2019

I think it's an awesome macho toy. However, the high walls on the side of the flatbed would make it almost impossible to load from the side, and the bad-boy image makes it a questionable choice for a work truck. I wouldn't be surprised to a second version more suitable for business/work.