Enjoy life before the Cyberpunk release

Enjoy life before the Cyberpunk release

Then the forums will be flooded by people who come to say they don't like the nose of the Tesla pick up truck because it does not look like a F150.

A new series of endless complaining will resurface even if it's the best looking pick up truck ever made in history.

TabascoGuy | 11/11/2019

I've owned many pickup trucks over the years, mostly Chevys and Fords. As much as I've liked all of them, I don't want the Cyber-truck to look like any of them.

andy.connor.e | 11/11/2019

You know thats going to happen no matter what. Doesnt really matter because its more of an inevitability. I intend to enjoy it to the best of my abilities, which is dependent on what happens during the unveil.

BuffaloBillsFan | 11/11/2019

IMO, living in truck country (NE NC), if they are competitively priced, they will sell very well. Of course that would mean that Tesla will have to extend it’s supercharger network far beyond the high-volume areas that the network now covers. Please, Mr. Musk. Start branching the SC network to the boondocks!

jimglas | 12/11/2019

Many in CO gleefully change their diesel trucks to coal rollers. I doubt they will be interested in an electric truck. They couldn't "stick it to the libtards" if they did.

BadgerErickson | 26/11/2019

...announce it and they came.......