2019.36.2.2 rolling out - Post your assessment here (or not...)

2019.36.2.2 rolling out - Post your assessment here (or not...)

Obviously bug fixes, but what have you noticed changed from 36.2.1?

dustin | 13/11/2019

I can’t save my home address and all address history disappears every time I drive.

wiscy67 | 13/11/2019

I've never heard the click.

Spotify was prompting for credentials so I had to switch to Slacker and back to Spotify for it to use my saved credentials.

jebinc | 14/11/2019

Anyone have a report on 36.2.2 to share? Like the others before it, the release looks like a trickle start again.

Joshan | 14/11/2019

you are infatuated with that click.

jmccpa | 14/11/2019

No click. But first time out after update, new Hold feature did not work. Noted that option to select was grayed out.

After about 15 miles, option became available and new Hold feature with regenerative braking worked great.

Whdame | 14/11/2019

jebinc - it is just a firmware update/fix. Not everyone will get it like new software. May only go out to a few hundred people if that. It will affect a small group that need the fix. Hopefully there will be one more bigger update before the end of the year.... usually one comes out right before Christmas. Plus he has talked a lot of end of year stuff in the last couple months.

numrich | 14/11/2019

I had driven a Chevy Bolt prior to M3, so I was most looking forward to the 'one pedal driving' feature. However, after driving with the update for a few days now - I am now unsure how I feel about how Tesla accomplished this. Yes, to a reasonable degree we can claim one pedal driving now. But the overall 'feel' of the drive does not feel right to me, and I may revert back to the pre-release settings. I really just wanted them to increase the regenerative breaking level as an additional setting on that choice. By instead calling it 'auto-hold', it seems a different direction was taken though I do not know the technical details to dig deeper.

Just my honest reaction. Was highly looking forward, in the end disappointed.

(The view enhancement showing traffic cones is however at least pretty cool! For those who may wonder, traffic 'barrels' also show as cones in the view)

jebinc | 14/11/2019


Yes, a nice Christmas present would be a nice touch - looking forward to that!


Perhaps, but much better than being infatuated with "fishing," as say a group of six +/- seem to be; and at levels similar to those found in the old movie "Fatal Attraction"....

calvin940 | 14/11/2019

The click is normal. Mine sounds more like a dull, light thock than a click. barely perceptible even with fan and radio off.

There are sounds for those types of electrical, automated components. There is nothing to "fix".

jebinc | 14/11/2019


I found that our bright yellow fire hydrants, and 3"dia x 4' high orange traffic poles, identify as cones on the UI as well.

jebinc | 14/11/2019


There is a another discussion thread dedicated to the new "click," on page 1 of this forum. Perhaps I should have used a different example in my OP, as this thread was intended to capture thoughts on firmware 36.2.2 (as compared to 36.2.1) - like what bugs were fixed.

Joshan | 14/11/2019

@jebinc oh I hear ya, No idea why people cannot just ignore and play whack-a-mole. It really is the best option and why Tesla gave us that power.

PECo CT | 14/11/2019


The Release Notes for the HOLD Stopping Mode says, “The HOLD setting maximizes range and reduces brake wear by continuing to provide regenerative braking at speeds less than approximately 5 mph (8 km/h).”, which implies that regenerative braking was not provided at speeds less than 5 mph before the release.

I definitely felt the change when I tried it before I read the Release Notes, which I read to try and confirm what I felt.

I like the change. I was already driving mostly with one pedal and occasionally rolled after stopping on the hilly roads where I live.

wiscy67 | 14/11/2019

@jmccpa mine is grayed out while driving and able to change options only while in P. Is yours different?

I'm still on 36.2.1. Tried to coax car into getting into finding a more recent update this morning but it reported I have the latest for now.

howard | 14/11/2019


I too came from a Bolt to the M3 and I find the Tesla Auto Hold feature as a big improvement over the prior brake hold. It is not as smooth as the Bolt and I liked the stronger Regen when pulling the Regen paddle but overall I like it.

MrSexyTime | 14/11/2019

Hey it has the Creep on reverse option!!

MrSexyTime | 14/11/2019

(just kidding. I don't have .2 yet)

abhid.akram | 18/11/2019

I agree. I drive the Bolt for work, as much as I like M3, the "1 pedal drive" feel of Bolt felt a lil more reassuring. Feels like M3 uses brake towards the end via 'Brake by wire' mode (same as before, except it's automatically doing it for us instead of using having to depress a pedal which sends a Voltage signal). The Regen in general seems to have increased though.

calvin940 | 18/11/2019


Gotcha. I don't have 36.2.2 yet either so I can't yet compare/contrast with I hear at the moment.

ggodefroid | 18/11/2019

How about for Christmas a holiday Easter egg for the 3’s and S’s similar to X but without the doors opening in time with the music. It could still be great sound with the windows down and flashing lights.

jim | 19/11/2019

For me, 36.2.1 was quite buggy. However, after the car was returned to me from the service center, i noticed the update was incomplete ststing that the navigation database needed to be installed. Meanwhile, cruise control would only work forna few seconds after powering up the car and driver assist did not work at all. Also, there were many, LOUD chiming events that I could not mute, especially when parking.

I did the upgrade today and everything seems to work properly now in our model X. I like the HOLD feature.

popeye | 19/11/2019

Just got 2019.36.2.2 in UK but nothing new only bug fixes . X100D

jimglas | 19/11/2019

36.2.1 now 68.8% of fleet
36.2.2 now 0.8% of fleet
Limited roll out so far

lucieasselin5 | 19/11/2019

Downloaded today software update 2019.36.2.1 on my Model X 2018 delivered in June 2018 . Did not get the Hold feature! Aren’t cars built after March 2018 supposed to get it?