2019 32-12-2

2019 32-12-2

This is my latest software,is someone else still waiting for the latest updates?

EVRider | 14/11/2019

To reduce the time it takes to get an update, make sure you set the software update setting under Controls > Software to Advanced, and make sure your car has access to both cellular service and WiFi where parked.

Someone reported in another thread that you can force an update by pressing that Advanced button 5 times, but I don’t know if that’s true. Either way, you still need cellular and WiFi.

SalisburySam | 14/11/2019

Datapoint: I was on v32.12.2 in my LR RWD. Yesterday, while parked around town without WiFi, my car updated to v36.2.1. I noticed on my iPhone7 that the software was downloading and when finished was ready to update. I triggered the update remotely and it completed the process before I got back to the vehicle. Pretty neat really.

mklcolvin | 14/11/2019

@EVRider: I just did that (switched to Advanced). I then toggled from 'Standard' to 'Advanced' 5 times, and the 6th time I pressed 'Advanced' the update triggered - sonavagun!!! Thanks for the tip!

EVRider | 14/11/2019

@SalisburySam: Although I haven't heard that WiFi is now required for all updates (even with Premium Connectivity), that has been my experience with all the V10 updates, for both our Model 3 and Model S. When I got 36.2.1 in our Model 3 a few days ago, I saw the yellow download icon while we were away from home, and it wouldn't download until I got home and connected to WiFi. If you're getting updates via LTE, consider yourself lucky.

@mklcolvin: Glad to hear that the trick actually works! I'll have to try that the next time I want an update.

rob | 14/11/2019

I'm on 36.2.1 and tried to force the download and it didn't work. That trick probably works under certain circumstances. But it didn't work for me tonight. Maybe the car has to already be in a queue or something like that.

I'll try again in the morning.

tanya™ | 14/11/2019

@rob You have to do 5 to the power of 2 times now.

EVRider | 14/11/2019

@M8B: I thought Backwards Day is Jan 31... :-)

Magic 8 Ball | 14/11/2019

@EVRider Tanya has a crush on me and is vying for my attention. : ).

tanya™ | 14/11/2019

True story