European Owners: Is your Spotify application a crappy as ours in the US?

European Owners: Is your Spotify application a crappy as ours in the US?


I've pretty much given up. It takes 2+ times toggling over between Slacker & Spotify to get it to give me my list of songs. Then it may or may not start playing when I select one. Then if by strange chance it starts playing it plays song 1, then song 2, then a few seconds of song 3, then jumps back to song 1. If I try to click by it may or may not eventually get me to song 4. Rinse & repeat. Really needs work.

Overall the audio selection is by far my biggest gripe about the car. I often have trouble getting to Tunein also. Not sure why this is so difficult.

OC.M3 | 14/11/2019

With 36.2.1 the spotify glitches are fixed for me. OP--perhaps it'll be better for you after the update.

Effopec | 14/11/2019

@OC - Already got the update. Doesn't seem any better. Couldn't even get it to come up at all this morning - quit after 3 tries toggling back & forth.

bjrosen | 14/11/2019

Tesla needs to implement Android Auto or the embedded version, Android Automotive., so that they can run standard apps. Tesla specific versions of things like Spotify are always going to be step children for their makers, it's just not worth it for them to do a custom version for such a small market. Even when Tesla cajoles them into doing a port they aren't going to give it the same resources as their Android and Apple apps.

WW_spb | 14/11/2019

I don't want apple car play or Android auto on Tesla. Thanks

Mike UpNorth_ | 14/11/2019

Weird. For me, after 36.2.1, Spotify is working spot on. I would say 95% fixed. Have yet to have to do the spot-slack-spot cycle.
Only issue is it occasionally paused for no reason. But starts up again with a play tap.

booshtukka | 14/11/2019

In the UK here. Doesn't sound like our implementation is as crappy as yours. It works adequately. It's just not very good.