The Autopilot Test

The Autopilot Test

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This is the scenario: You have to take a 30 mile trip on the freeway and you are forced to sit in the back seat. You can choose between being chauffeured in a car without AP by kid who got his/her DL a few minutes before the trip or you can choose a Model 3 that has no driver behind the wheel and is using NOA that has nags turned off(no kid no driver at all).

FISHEV | 17/11/2019

Autopilot is adaptive cruise, blind side indicators, lane keeping and auto steer. Kid's reactions will be way better than yours and her behavior way more intuitive and predictable than Tesla's AP. Go with the kid.

Did you confuse Tesla's branded Autopilot with Tesla's branded Full Self Driving?

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

The car I have was equipped with EAP and later the sent us OTA, for free, NOA. Navigation On Autopilot will make all driving decisions, from onramp to offramp. I am referring to Navigation On Autopilot.

FISHEV | 17/11/2019

"The car I have was equipped with EAP"@M8B

Which is not AP but Enhanced AP which in Tesla's confused name du jour is today's "Full Self Driving".

Perhaps change the title. | 17/11/2019

Go with AP - the Kid is far more likely to kill you. New drivers as a group have the worst records, and having little driving experience is truly scary on a freeway. Hopefully, the kid will not also be texting too, but who knows?

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

Suggestion noted, deliberated with council, and rejected. You lose title stands.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

Yup, I am NOA over kid myself.

FISHEV | 17/11/2019

Yeah...AP is not the actual topic but Enhanced AP which is Full Self Driving....maybe OP doesn't know difference but he should redo the title to be accurate since he's not talking about AP in any version.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

The test is a choice between No AP at all (that is why the title is relevant and accurate) vs the form of AP I am using (described in the scenario) which is called NOA.

FISHEV | 17/11/2019

"vs the form of AP I am using"@M8B

AP and EAP are as different as AP and Full Self Driving. You are specifically talking about what is now called Full Self Driving. Just wrong terminology in your title. Not sure the what you don't want to correct it but you should.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

Tell ya what sport, you start your own thread with your own terminology. Don't you think that would be a better approach vs being a bully and trying to tell me what to do?

FISHEV | 17/11/2019

"... you start your own thread with your own terminology"@M8B

It's Tesla terminology.

AP is just basic safeties.

Full Self Driving is what you are describing.

FactDoc | 17/11/2019

I started driving at 16 and have had no accidents in over 2 decades of driving even on autobahn, in snow, on ice, terrible snowstorms going skiing driving during night time after work shifts finishing at 11PM when I was a student.

I had same age coworkers who lost their DL after 1 years because of impaired driving, speeding, had over 5 accidents over less than 2 years of driving.

Age does matter for 10%
Judgment and responsibility for 90%

In your story I have only 10% of the information to make a reasonable choice. If the kid had jugement and takes his responsibilities, I would go with the kid.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

Okay, now that you got that off your chest, I do appreciate your initial reply and the reason for your choice so thanks for playing.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

@Maxxer Excellent call. The choice of kid is a random choice. You will have no control over what kid you get. It will be one of thousands granted the privilege everyday (judged by the government deemed fit to drive).

thedrisin | 17/11/2019

The Kid. I do have FSD. Freeways way to busy and frequent construction around me for autopilot. NoA would be a disaster. Cannot anticipate the conditions. Just yesterday, upcoming exit, very congested, got into right lane early knowing merging closer to exit would be difficult. I have yet to be able to use NoA without aborting between exit ramps. Even getting on a ramp is an adventure. If in right lane of 2 lane ramp, inevitably starts to crossover to left lane as it curves. In fact, rightward curves always seem to be a problem with vehicle close or crossing over the line on left. The Kid would also see an object on the road to avoid that the car would probably just run over. Lots of scenarios that the Kid would be much better. Maybe, geofenced, previewed, perfect weather, no construction no traffic etc.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

I guess I should qualify a bit further. The test would be using NOA in areas where NOA is supposed to work. Places like construction zones are not part of the test because I believe those are already NOA incompatible (I.E. there is a warning not to use NOA around construction zones). If your experience is that NOA is simply not working for you I can see your choice. I guess I have been fortunate for it to work as well as it has for me.

Lonestar10_1999 | 17/11/2019

For now, I would choose the kid. I travel on a rerouted portion of 422 here in
Pennsylvania between Reading and Philadelphia. The maps do not recognize the new road and suggests I take an exit that no longer exits.

I guess if the kid dropped acid before taking the wheel the decision would be difficult. I would be evenly split between NOA and little Timmy Leary.

yudansha™ | 17/11/2019

European kid over American baby boomer. Actually, any kid over baby boomer. Definitely, NOA over baby boomer.

PteRoy | 17/11/2019

Based on the current state of my model 3, I pick the kid.

Based on the future state of my car after it’s service appointment, probably still the kid. The cameras get covered in snow and slush in a matter of seconds.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

Kid would have advantage in snow, I am sure, but the test is really limited to conditions where NOA is supposed to work. I think in bad weather you are not supposed to use NOA.

thedrisin | 17/11/2019

And if you get in back seat, drive off, and it starts snowing? Good luck.

syclone | 17/11/2019

AP, EAP, FSD, have no concept of life or death. So I'd pick the kid.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

@sycone Are you against all forms of automation that can kill people? How will AI gain your trust so that you trust your life to it?

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 17/11/2019

Based on M8B’s limitations for this scenario, I would go with the auto pilot. Clean, well marked highways vs. a new teen driver, it’s a no brainer.
When I first got my driver’s license, I was a pretty good driver. Fast, but alert and thinking ahead. I still got into accidents due to lack of experience. Tesla’s AP errs on the side of caution every time.

jimglas | 17/11/2019

I use EAP 95% of the time now. Why would I want some kid to drive?

Spartan24 | 17/11/2019

I still have one regular exchange (from one interstate to another) NOA can’t handle. Admittedly, it’s not well designed and it would be really scary with the kid too! But 100% of time the NOA can’t do it so that’s why. I am relatively confident Hw3 will handle with ease based on the demo video Tesla released months ago.
That said, I think NOA is really really good and improves safety and enjoyment for trips where it’s meant to work ideally. Which for me is most of the time. This was an interesting question and one Id enjoy again this time next year maybe?

Spartan24 | 17/11/2019

I never picked. It’s the kid for now but barely.

hokiegir1 | 17/11/2019

Atlanta highways are not really conducive to the current NoA implementation, so for now, in the city, it's the kid. If this was outside of the city, I'd pick NoA.

hokiegir1 | 17/11/2019

And to clarify...I mean the interstates that go through the middle of downtown ATL, where NoA is supposed to work...but we have reversible toll Lanes, an abundance of exit only while people are merging in, and it generally needs to be way more aggressive than it is

thedrisin | 17/11/2019

When my kids got their driver licenses they were good drivers and did not go around playing bumper cars and getting into accidents. I trusted them to go out and drive responsibly. I would certainly trust them more than the current state of NoA. Maybe it depends on the instructor.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

It is interesting that both Tesla Tap and myself are quick to jump on NOA vs Kid. I believe we are both in the SF Bay Area (Tesla Central). I am wondering if they have done more edge case work specific to our area vs further away?

jdcollins5 | 17/11/2019

The issue to me is that both NoA and the kid could do a reasonably good job in light to moderate traffic. The question is which one would do better in heavier traffic with bad drivers; the ones cutting sharply in front of you, weaving in and out of traffic, passing in the slow lane, etc.

I think if I am in the back seat I can help assist the kid but can do nothing for NoA. So right now I think I would go with the kid.

howard | 17/11/2019

The kid of course.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

I think assisting the kid would be cheating, you can't help the automation so you should not be able to help the kid.

jdcollins5 | 17/11/2019

@Magic 8 Ball - LOL. Changing the rules to fit! You mean to tell me if you were in the back seat you would not say anything? :)

Magic 8 Ball | 17/11/2019

Not really changing rules but I do think it is an unfair comparison. The idea is you, in the back seat, would have no input while under way (you would not have any with the automation).

SamO | 17/11/2019

Already allow NOA to drive everywhere it is allowed. The only question is setting. I probably would NOT use mad max mode or allow HOV access.

teslamazing | 17/11/2019

Kids r not wise.

syclone | 17/11/2019

@M8B: I have EAP. I use it all the time. However, within the context of this question, I would trust the Kid. I have been driving my M3 for 18 months. It's gotten better and better, but it can still kill me if I take my hand off of the wheel and totally trust it.

Sarah R | 17/11/2019

Given the standard disclaimer that is not a substitute for an alert, attentive and active driver, it should be easy: You pick the kid.

Fredvanngo | 20/11/2019

Having your kid to drive a Tesla without Autopilot or using the an ICE car.

WW_spb | 20/11/2019

I pick my wife )

jnordland | 20/11/2019

I think it's a great scenario. I have a 14yr old that will be driving in just a few years. I can't imagine letting him drive the Tesla in ANY scenario, let alone me as a passenger in the back seat. That being said, my experience with NoA has been pretty shaky. It drives something like a mix of a teenager and a 90 yr old driver. While I'm sure it will continue to improve, I think my answer is I'll be staying home or calling an Uber. I don't like either of those scenarios. Ask me again in a year and I'm betting my answer will be NoA.

-TheJohn- | 20/11/2019


AP>Kid>Fish is my final answer but no LA or Bay area crazy freeway.