Seat protectors for pets

Seat protectors for pets

I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who lets his pet free in the back seat. I saw their Model 3 with a comforter spread across the backseat. I'm sure there are more elegant solutions to protecting seats. What do you use?

AWDTesla | 18/11/2019

cheap seat covers form amazon.

MichaelB00012 | 18/11/2019

The doors.

My dog was allowed in my car exactly once, because I had no other choice. I love my dog, but he's not allowed in the 3.

dhelmly | 18/11/2019

We bought this and works great.

BarkinBuddy Back Seat Cover for Dogs - Car Dog Hammock for Back Seat - Full Doors Protection

M3D | 18/11/2019

I have a hammock similar to @dhelmy but without the door cover parts. Works great. The dog loves it. 0 damage to the seats. Collects dog hair and keeps the dog from falling in the footwell. Trying to figure out if I can make my passengers use it as well :-) I used to put the seats down and then a blanket for the dog, but this is much better. Looks like this one

ElectricAlex | 18/11/2019

You all clearly have small dogs for companions, =). My German Shephard dogs are large enough to watch out the windshield over the top of my head if my seat position is wrong. (Can you say drool on the top of your head)

Simple answer is lay seats flat and put down covers to protect. It gives access to trunk for them to lay in, or half inif carrying luggage.

And for those that will not allow pets into car, shame. Do you not love your pet more than an inanimate object?

Varricks | 18/11/2019

I dunno. Big dogs tend to slobber too much, and I can't stop worrying about small ones.

But eBay has a good selection of not-expensive doggy blankeys, and if you explain to the cur that it's his special place just for him, he'll love it. Same for the bitches.

Sarah R | 18/11/2019

Put the dog in the frunk?

/ducking and running

kevin_rf | 19/11/2019

I just fold the seats down, they do have issues with the pitch when the seats are folded flat.

chapmanm87 | 19/11/2019

Had this for years, love it, dog likes it, in Model 3 now.

SalisburySam | 19/11/2019

I've always had dogs in the 45-75 lb range, typically huskies, shepherds, retrievers. Not one drooled unless faced with food. A friend has Newfoundlands and that there is a pooch that drools.

Also with the dogs I have, putting the rear seats down reduces the dog's headroom a good bit so I leave the seats upright. I do use a canvas cover that I picked up for another vehicle years ago and it works pretty well for the seats themselves. Doors and windows though are subject to nose prints, as is the windshield, dash, display, and virtually all of the rest of the car. I understand the extra cleaning required and desired to avoid that, but in my hierarchy, dogs come way before car.

kevin_rf | 19/11/2019

Head one open a window on her own over the weekend. Window and cold locks are now on. Just wait until the teens notice the changes...

lilbean | 19/11/2019

+1 @SalisburySam

I remember when I didn't want my childhood dog to ruin my car. The car is long gone and I didn't get to have those beautiful memories with my precious dog playing at the beach. :'(

vmulla | 19/11/2019

One other piece of info, my friend's family is 2 adults, a kid (not in booster anymore) and a small dog. So can someone share solutions for a kid + a dog in the back seat.
My concern is more for scratches, and not so much about drool or noseprints. I KNOW that the Model3's seat material is easy enough to wipe off that stuff.

johnmann | 19/11/2019

Evannex has an excellent rear seat cover. It was originally $80. They had it on sale for $20 which is when I bought it. Now it looks like the regular price has been adjusted to $40.

The seatbelts are usable while the cover is in place and a car seat can be used with it.

joe.lynn.atp | 19/11/2019

I have the evannex cover that johnmann linked to. I also took a fairly heavy yoga mat and cut it to fit the contour of the seat with flaps hanging over the sides. I cut out holes where the seat belts click in. I put the mat on the seat first, and buckle all 3 seat belts to eliminate warnings. I put the evannex cover over that. This was extra insurance that claws would not damage the seat below the cover, since one of my dogs is 80 lbs. Probably overkill, but better safe than sorry.