Tesla Cybertruck lets get a count on Orders Placed Buyers only Please

Tesla Cybertruck lets get a count on Orders Placed Buyers only Please

Let's see how many of us Ordered the Cybertruck I did

egonzo21 | 23/11/2019

oh yeah! +1 counting the days......

rbrak29 | 23/11/2019

Boomer dual motor please

tharun.katangur | 23/11/2019

Zoomer order, one tri motor awd

epowermarine | 23/11/2019

Single motor RWD will work for me, order placed

acegreat1 | 23/11/2019

I got the circle of death when I tried ordering, so I did it again and again and again, long story short. I ordered 4. I'm going to cancel 3 tho

dschultz | 23/11/2019

Ordered the dual motor model at 5 am CST on Nov 22nd.
I own a general construction company and see it as a practical work solution ... today and tomorrow.
Model 3 owner since delivery in August 2018 (ordered the next morning after the presentation - waited 28 months for factory to get on line).
Ready to roll.

MySin_AZ | 23/11/2019

Boomer, Ordered - dual, with Musk’s recent go with stainless or a color?

jimglas | 23/11/2019

stainless, of course

andy.connor.e | 23/11/2019

"boomer™" here! Just reserved AWD. Looking forward to a vehicle that will last 100 years and continue to improve over time. This is something no other company on the planet can offer for a production vehicle.

RedVixen | 23/11/2019

67 here. Ordered trimoter 24hrs ago. Still hasen’t shown up.

RedVixen | 23/11/2019

67 here. Ordered trimoter 24hrs ago. Still hasen’t shown up.

jimglas | 23/11/2019

Any idea of how many orders have been placed?

thalore | 23/11/2019

Ordered dual motor. Plan on wrapping in matte black. I like the stainless color, but that thing with in matte black would look monstrous.

Cybertruckee | 23/11/2019

Ordered in the first hour -- and encountered 3 order portal crashes.

EVTrooper | 23/11/2019

1 Dual Motor and 1 Tri-Motor. Dual for wifey, tri for me! Can't wait!

wmcgregs | 23/11/2019

1 dual.

SamO | 23/11/2019

1 dual motor late 2021 delivery.

Toms M3 | 23/11/2019

I ordered the three motor yesterday, without a problem.
I love my model 3, but I might use it as a trade in towards this truck.

conceptvehicledesign | 23/11/2019

Ordered a dual motor during the launch.

Patience is not one of my virtues.

Has someone figured out cryosleep yet...?

amiodas7 | 23/11/2019

I am one of those crazies!!! ‘Sometimes people who call you crazy, will follow you.’
I just placed an order for this SLEEK !!

drjmaj | 23/11/2019

AWD, if the stock market does OK for the next couple years, Trimotor. And I talked to a friend (non Tesla or EV owner) who ordered an AWD, and a friend of his ordered one (don't know which).
There's 3 right there.

jmpatrella | 23/11/2019

I too ended up ordering two because of the circle of death and canceled the extra
one the next morning after the reveal. Dual motor AWD with the self-driving option. Will be trading in my paid-off F-150 crew cab and adding cash to reduce the financing amount. I love my Model S P85+ so I know the Cyber Truck is going to be a love triangle for me.

COLAB | 23/11/2019

I ordered the dual motor for me !

I never thought in my life to order a vehicle available in 2021, but I did it ... with a vehicle of exception, there is a decision just as exceptional ..... WOW

g.william.norris.iii | 23/11/2019

Just reserved one ugly mother with plaid drive! I only hope they increase the towing to 24,000 lbs, and increase the box to 8 feet! Daddy's got to haul his house around!

Darthamerica | 23/11/2019

Trip motor...

BuffaloBillsFan | 23/11/2019

Tri-motor for me, and I have never owned a truck in my life. Don’t love the look, but I love the specs. Plus, I can convince myself to love the look. It’s a pity that I won’t see my vehicle until 2022 apparently at the earliest.

rallips | 23/11/2019

1 Tri-motor

rallips | 23/11/2019

Ok for you engineers out there. For the tri-motor I ordered, 500+mile range. Here is my question:

What will the range of this truck be pulling my 10,000 pound 32' Airstream Classic? Will towing this kind of weight just zap the miles?? Who can do some math on this?

Gotta say that this will be sick look SS truck pulling an aluminum trailer!!

phillipzhao1 | 23/11/2019

I ordered the Tri yesterday but has not received any email confirmation yet. Have you guys received email confirmation?

rallips | 23/11/2019

Yes I did. I received it a day later.

phillipzhao1 | 23/11/2019

Thank you!

mikeng6274 | 23/11/2019

I ordered one with dual motors all wheel drive on Nov. 22.

rallips | 23/11/2019

Another question is will Tesla add Supercharging stations that will accommodate 50ft to 60ft of truck and trailer length? It will be very tough to have to unhitch a trailer every time the truck will be recharged.

NKYTA | 23/11/2019

Big question for those towing, and how it impacts us plebes.

crt6598 | 23/11/2019

DM/AWD order placed immediately after reveal.

Hopefully Tesla moves the prod timeline up similar to Model Y. I’ll be making space in my garage in the meantime, dimensions are very reasonable, plus the air suspension is great for covered/underground parking lots with lower clearances.

It will have the same effect on people as the Model X did, where the owner will almost always be asked: “excuse me, what kind of vehicle is that?”.

Ross1 | 24/11/2019

Now I know what I want to do with my shares/stock.
By the end of the year I will have tripled my investment, so I can order a CYBRTRK.
But if I wait another year I can get 10 trucks.
Oh the dilemma. Sitting on this fence is wearing a hole in my undies.

Ross1 | 24/11/2019

CYBRTRK doesnt need a covered garage

sbeggs | 24/11/2019

You just solved our problem of where to park it!

Ross1 | 24/11/2019

Whats that worth?

ejohnsen | 24/11/2019

Tri-motor for me

Gordon_M | 24/11/2019

Ordered one dual motor.

gaboksi | 24/11/2019

ordered tri-motor & fsd

IwantmyTeslaTruck | 24/11/2019

Duel Motor / AWD /FSD. People are crazy not to lock in the FSD price now. Go back and add it if you didn't already because it could be thousands higher by the time the truck comes out.
I too got the circle of death when ordering immediately after the event and placed 2 orders. Just cancelled one now. I wonder how many of the 146k were double and triple orders.

klis06 | 24/11/2019

I did! 2 motor, AWD with auto pilot. I live in upstate NY where the winters can be long and the salt and corrosive brine are put on our roads daily.

BadgerErickson | 24/11/2019

Dual motor AWD, order in on only the 2nd new vehicle ever purchased in my 49 year lifetime; first was a Ducati ST4s. Looking forward to great experiences with Tesla! Thank You Elon!

mikeseabers | 24/11/2019

Dual motor AWD, I saw someone's rendering with a bed rack and that made all the difference for me. I will upgrade milage range if that ever is an option.

ghgregory | 24/11/2019

Dual motor AWD for me.

nwfan | 24/11/2019

Dual motor AWD and FSD.

bgbythsea | 24/11/2019

Reserved mid spec. Considering tri motor reservation as well.

steven.saenz | 24/11/2019

Tri-Motor + FSD - All in!