Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ford CEO challenge validity of Cybertruck vs F-150 pull test

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ford CEO challenge validity of Cybertruck vs F-150 pull test

As explained here, Tesla's Cybertruck pull test is not an apples to apples comparison. Rather it's a marketing stunt with little application to the real world just like 0-60 times. Ford wants a Cybertruck to do a real world test:

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

@SO clearly it wasn't part of"the plan" all along to bait Ford. Remember Ford has F series with 6 wheels and over 1000lbf of torque. It's just a marketing gimmick to attract the F-150 crowd... Most firms do stuff like this. Side note, Cybertruck is more like a SUT than pickup IMHO

SO | 27/11/2019

I didn’t say it was part of the plan.

I’m just stating the benefit of what happened. It got people talking about it. Millions of new people and potential customers were exposed to Tesla partly because of this. No matter the validity, the value is high.

andy.connor.e | 27/11/2019

Not sure when there is any "lunatic frenzy to abandon ICE."

SO | 27/11/2019

and most firms would kill (let alone pay) to have the exposure that Tesla has had. And tesla got it for free. No matter what anyone says, this has turned out very well for Tesla so far.

andy.connor.e | 27/11/2019

Its funny because its so similar to Trump in that all he has to do is post a BS tweet and all the national media blows up about it and reports it. Free air time that took Trump all of 1 minute to produce. Tesla makes this crazy looking truck, and breaks their own windows and they get over a week of free advertising. The more this keeps happening, the less people will be like "whats Tesla?" #Victory

nukequazar | 27/11/2019

@andy.connor.e, I’ve said it outside this forum for a long time. EM behaves a lot like Trump. He says outlandish things, flat out lies, he’s aggressive, rude, and a bully to his competition, and his fans LOVE and excuse every second of it.

*Taking cover from fanboy assault now*

andy.connor.e | 27/11/2019

Ya i dont really care for Elons personality like some do. I sit back and appreciate the technological breakthroughs he is coming up with.

nukequazar | 27/11/2019

@andy.connor.e, completely agree.

RedShift | 27/11/2019

Unlike Trump, he actually is a genius, note.

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

They do have that in common. Both are very Twitter savvy!

SamO | 27/11/2019

Ford turns tail and run. Chickenshit style.

Thanks Sponge Bob.

nukequazar | 27/11/2019

@Darth, lucky eff! LA Auto Show?

One thing that I see as a sign of current BEV usability is that you never see an Uber/Lyft driver using one. If BEV were practical, efficient, reliable, and profitable, then rideshares would be using them. Instead they mostly drive Toyotas, either ICE or hybrid, getting mileage in the 30’s and 40’s, going 100,000 miles with zero problems. The day will come when BEV’s make sense for most people but we’re not there yet. Us early adopters are investing in, funding, that future.

SamO | 27/11/2019

I see Model 3 Lyft/Uber every day. Maybe you should get off your computer and see the real world rather than the world of 30 years ago. You seem trapped by bad ideas.

jimglas | 27/11/2019
nukequazar | 27/11/2019

@SamO, can you refrain from being an a-hole for one day?

I live in a major city, I use Uber/Lyft regularly (not daily but fairly often st times), and have never once seen a BEV.

Tropopause | 27/11/2019

Cybertruck wins the battle of specs with F-150. Tug of war was just visual icing on the cake.

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

@Nuke that's a good point. Ride-sharing drivers don't make much money and vehicle expenses are a huge burden. But I've never been picked up in an EV... Not even when Tesla Service Centers use them to take me home. Most of drivers can't afford them and they don't want to lose time that they could be making money to charging. But I think we are at the point where EVs are starting to be somewhat practical for the upper middle class buyers. Still a big gap from ICEVs. By the way, I did get to sit in the Taycan cockpit... Very comfortable and different from Model S. More like being in a fighter jet for Taycan vs a business class seat for Model S. Not cramped thought. Controls were very well placed to be in reach while sitting back in the seat. The center instrument cluster us in good view just below the road. What helps is that it's flush and not hooded. The display is also very high res. The lower center display sits right where you hand would be if you are using the arm rest. The Two dash displays are not as big in person. Not small but not dominant like what Model S/3/X have. The steering wheel nob to change modes is also great and you don't have to interact with screens to quickly change driving modes. It's not a large car. A little bigger than a 911... The other cars are meh. Nothing about the styling for the others draws me to them. The Mach E looks weird to me but I'm not a crossover fan. I like the black wrap on the iPace! The Bollinger is REALLY plain. Elegant but plain. Not sure about that price...

SamO | 27/11/2019


If you refrain from saying stupid things, you won’t feel like I’m an a-hole who easily and repeatedly refuted all the inane and baseless garbage you keep posting.

Meanwhile in the reality based world, there are entire Taxi services that are switching to Teslas.





$75/hour Model 3 Uber

Like Lionel Richie, I could bring receipts all night long. The sooner you realize your tiny world and experiences aren’t representative of reality, the sooner you will stop accusing people of being a-holes and realize the a-hole is the dude looking you in the bathroom mirror every morning.

#DriveFree | 27/11/2019

@Sam0 +1. I also see quite a few Teslas used for Lift and Uber around here. That was a cool video. I hadn't seen or known about how advantageous it can be from a tax standpoint. Doubtful I'll do it, but it makes a lot of sense.

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

@TeslaTap you won't see many around Los Angeles. That vast majority are cheap economy class ICEVs. The cost, convenience and availability are still significant issues.

Mark K | 27/11/2019

More Taycan sales pitches from the Porsche trolls. The wart on the steering is somehow a feature.

And along with the marketing talking points, more disinformation narrative about Tesla as always.

‘Somewhat practical’? At 35K and 1/3 the fuel cost, model 3 invalidates most gas alternatives.

Plenty of Bolts, Ionics, and M3’s on Uber / Lift in LA. More disinformation marketing narrative.

This is why we don’t trust Darth + Nuke’s client.

NKYTA | 27/11/2019

Exactly Mark.

SO | 27/11/2019

@ Darthamerica | November 27, 2019
@TeslaTap you won't see many around Los Angeles. That vast majority are cheap economy class ICEVs.

Well considering Tesla accounts for what...1% of sales, is there any surprise that Tesla would not be in the majority for Uber and Lyft?

NYC has awarded Model 3s for cabs. In time, fleets will switch. Can’t expect it over night.

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

@SO it would help if you didn't take critical analysis of the EV market as an assault on Tesla. Tesla's are too expensive for ride sharing in general. I'm talking about EVs of all types. They are pretty rare. I think it's a good way of measuring how well EVs are overcoming their many barriers to entry. Keep in mind I saw a KIA last night, an ICEV, had 4 doors, looked nice and go over 40 MPG for ~$16K brand new. A slightly larger sportier model was ~$23K! This means EVs are more than 2x the price point they need to be at to make it mainstream. And keep in mind buyers still need to install level 2 charging which can be another few thousand dollars.

NKYTA | 27/11/2019

@SO it would help if you didn't take critical analysis of the EV market as an assault on Tesla.

We know exactly what you are trying to do. It doesn't work on us, and we'll continue to call you out so future owners/enthusiasts don't fall prey to your FUD.

NKYTA | 27/11/2019

Critical and analysis should not used in the same sentence by you.

SamO | 27/11/2019

Ford stock -- adjusted for splits and dividends -- has gone from $18 per share in 1999 to $9 per share today. Why?

BadgerErickson | 27/11/2019

@DA-mainstream is NOW EV. If you're burning gas it had better be for the grilling of your turkey!

Truck vs. truck. No stunt.

Truck pulling space shuttle? Stunt.

The future is here, and even NDT is afraid. (...because his bosses at G&O told him so.)

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

Fan boy silliness

Mark K | 27/11/2019

‘Fanboy, religion, koolaide’ - always more fud filler instead of facts and truth.

It’s getting old Darth + Nuke.

Meanwhile VAG announces 9,500 workforce reduction at Audi.

Disruption is happening.

The more you lie about it, the faster we stop buying your employer’s stuff. | 27/11/2019

Agree, Kia/Taycan fanboy silliness.

TabascoGuy | 27/11/2019

"It doesn't work on us, and we'll continue to call you out so future owners/enthusiasts don't fall prey to your FUD."

NKYTA +100

Nuke and Darth plead with us to have "serious conversation" yet every sentence they post has one or more of the following:

Complete disregard of facts.
Some gripe about Tesla vehicles.
Accusations or slander of EM and\or Tesla.
Calling owners and enthusiasts names.
Stating their opinions as facts.
Dismissing anyone else's opinion as irrelevant or wrong.

SamO | 27/11/2019

Bingo. Read Manufacturing Consent.

The mass communication media of the U.S. "are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system-supportive propaganda function, by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship, and without overt coercion", by means of the propaganda model of communication.

Darthamerica | 27/11/2019

More alternate reality looney tunes

BadgerErickson | 27/11/2019

Yes Darrtt Ford backed out, DONE. Because...

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Big 3 , Oil & Gas don't want you to see these videos...

Mark K | 27/11/2019

Earth to VAG / Darth -

Usually, when you call your sales prospects looney, they don’t buy your stuff.

E-tron is ad-spending like crazy, but it ain’t moving. Taycan will likely be similar. Too much for too little.

Ergo the workforce reduction at Audi.

Maxxer | 27/11/2019

Tesla proved what they needed to prove. Nothing.

SamO | 27/11/2019

Tesla dragged that Ford just for the lulz

SamO | 28/11/2019

My favorite looney tunes was bugs bunny.

andy.connor.e | 29/11/2019

+1 for bugs bunny

rxlawdude | 29/11/2019

Wabbit Season!!

SamO | 29/11/2019

Duck season!!! Fire!

Darthamerica | 29/11/2019

Sometimes, the rabbit has a gun...

nukequazar | 29/11/2019

@SamO, all those stories are about taxi services not rideshare. It's a totally different economy. Although there is a very thorough, well calculated, comment on one of the stories that says it would take 10 years to break even with a Tesla as a taxi.

SamO | 29/11/2019

I wished I could live in nuke’s world where I could just ignore the examples I didn’t want to see.

Reading comprehension is your friend.

nukequazar | 29/11/2019


“Reading comprehension is your friend.”

Thank you, yes, and clearly your enemy.

andy.connor.e | 30/11/2019

Its not arbitrary how long it would take a Tesla cab to break even. You can pay for the finance of a Model 3 if you got a couple rides per day. SR+ price range that is.

Darthamerica | 30/11/2019

@Andy it's not steady work enough and margins on rides are razor thin. This in addition to charging times and limited availability of EVs in general.

andy.connor.e | 30/11/2019

I dont understand your second sentence at all. True, margins on uber are not that great. Not sure what kind of a fee Tesla would charge for their ride sharing, but presumably if the car is driving itself, it can pull into a supercharger for a half hour and get 60% of its battery so i dont think charging is a concern. That is if it works that way, otherwise your ride offering frame is limited to your vehicle range.

Darthamerica | 30/11/2019

Andy, disregard, I thought you meant Uber/Lyft.