Any status updates for "blacklisted" vehicles?

Any status updates for "blacklisted" vehicles?

Just curious if anyone who had the issue of being unable to receive software updates has received a fix or status update from Tesla yet?

My car hasn't updated since September which means no V10 for me still. Made an appointment with the dealer a few weeks ago for them to get me the update in person, upon arrival they told me my car is part of a fleet that is no longer capable of receiving updates and Tesla is working on an over the air fix which would be coming soon...

Trying to be patient since it isn't causing any significant issues, but my body is ready for integrated Spotify and Netflix.

Thanks in advance

bjrosen | 27/11/2019

When was your car built?

lbowroom | 27/11/2019

“ part of a fleet”

Fleet? What does that mean?

GrumpyinAZ | 27/11/2019

I'm going to guess here. I've heard references to the 'fleet' of Teslas that have been in an accident and repaired without being inspected by Tesla after repairs.

Your purchase contract says that Tesla has the right to inspect your car if it is repaired by someone other than Tesla service center personnel to determine if there have been any repairs that might compromise the function of the vehicle's electronics and power supplies. Those are the danger points because any 'problem' could result in the loss of the vehicle - and possibly loss of life. Serious stuff by any measure, but most chalk it up to making money. Over the air updates can be withheld, along with denial of supercharging. You end up with a grocery getter.

GrumpyinAZ | 27/11/2019

I forgot to include repair centers that Tesla has 'certified' to repair Teslas. Sorry.

bjrosen | 27/11/2019

What do you mean by dealer? Do you mean Tesla service center or do you mean a used car dealer? Only Tesla can service Tesla's, there are third party body shops that are Tesla certified but no third party service.

apodbdrs | 27/11/2019

As others have stated, Tesla does not have dealers. Tesla Service Centers or Telsa mobile service perform repairs. Telsa also has Tesla certified body shops. Anyway, on your phone open the Tesla App scroll down to SCHEDULE SERVICE and follow the instructions. Someone will text or call you once you complete the information.

honeyyboomboom | 30/11/2019

When referring to the dealer, I meant service center, my bad. Just a habit from owning normal vehicles.

When referring to a fleet, I was told there was a number of cars that have had the same issue, unable for software updates to be sent to the vehicle.

The purpose of my service appointment was to swap out the SIM, but upon arrival I was told it was going to get fixed over the air.

Purchased my car in Feb 2019 so it should have definitely received v10 by now.

Was trying to find someone else who may have had the same issue going on. Thanks for the replies! | 30/11/2019

@honeyyboomboom - Are you in the USA? Swapping out the Sim is typically a European option that North America doesn't have. If outside the USA, it could be a country-specific issue. Then again, if you're in the USA, it would shoot that theory down.

AZjohn | 30/11/2019

Well, I had one Tesla service rep tell me that my SR+ v9.0 19.31.104 is the latest updated software (as a week and a half ago).
2nd service rep a week later told me there is a bug in tmy software and though it says v9.0 it really is v10.0.

What I'm getting at is I personally don't believe any of these people. Needless to say, in just 2 months I don't trust Tesla at all. But, there are many who like to be lied to so it's all good I guess. | 30/11/2019

@AZjohn - I doubt it's so much of a lie, but an unknowledgeable agent. Let's check the "it 's really v10", which seems unlikely. When you select music, is one of your choices Spotify? If so, you have v10. If not, you have v9. If you paid for FSD, then you also get Smart Summon with V10.

One of the issues with the software versions is they are enabled to specific cars. For example, there could be an improvement in how the Model X falcon wing doors operate in one specific version. No S/3 cars will get that version, as it doesn't apply. Now V10 is a large chunk of features, but it may be that one feature doesn't work right in the SR+ and they stopped the V10 releases for SR+ until resolved. Sort of sucks, but that's my best guess. As you can imagine, releases are getting quite complex, supporting cars made 7 years ago through today, and a host of vehicle hardware and feature operations across the fleet.

AZjohn | 30/11/2019

@Tesla Tap
The truth would be a statement "I don't know"
A lie is "oh you have it"

As I said, there are many people now that like to be lied to. Then they will rationalize it as "the truth" or "he/she just doesn't know better".
Society is our of control with the lies until nobody knows the difference between truth or lies. Just saying

Sarah R | 30/11/2019

@AZJohn What @TeslaTap proposed is reasonable. Check to see if the features of V10 are present. If so, then roll with it. If not, then Tesla has some explaining to do.

AZjohn | 30/11/2019

Hi Sarah,
I agree, @Tesla Tap I apologize if my reply seemed to be a dig at you. It was not and appreciate your suggestion to check out. I will do it in a little but I know it does not have Spotify (which I could care less about) nor does it have one peddle driving. So I'm not that much in a rush to check it out again.

I just get so frustrated when anyone cosigns or justifies someones else's BS. I see it more and more everyday and it's not ok IMHO.

AZjohn | 30/11/2019

OK, no spodify, no v10 options. Never any updates since we received car. It's still on v9.0 2019.31.04 035bd27. And I'm not BS'ing

Sarah R | 30/11/2019

@AZJohn, so it will probably fry your onions if I tell you I've had mine for two days and gotten a navigation update and a firmware update already.

I gotta ask: Have you connected the car to your home Wifi?

AZjohn | 30/11/2019

Hi Sahra,
lol...yes I connected to my wifi and have a full strength signal to the car. I'm happy for you that Tesla is finally treating you right when they finally gave you your car. I'm actually happy for everyone that is happy for Tesla's product. I was for about a week and now I hope I never have to deal with them again or give them anymore money after I get wife's SR+ but nobody knows when that will happen.

AZjohn | 30/11/2019

Sorry I spelled your name wrong Sarah

CST | 01/12/2019

BTW... Teslas *are* "normal" cars, sheez!

bpobill | 01/12/2019

Teslas are pretty far from normal cars lol.

OP: Live chat Tesla and see if they can refresh your car in their system. That might help to get the update pushed. If not I would keep raising hell until its fixed. V10 is a huge update and transforms the car.

honeyyboomboom | 01/12/2019

I am in the USA.

my current software:

2019.24.4 73fb1ab aka which is...old

will try live chat

honeyyboomboom | 01/12/2019

Big issue for me is no wifi but I have received updates in the past just fine. Problem seems to be that my car is "unable" to receive them due to an issue after the last update, at least thats what they told me at my appointment. They had another car in service which was there for multiple days for the same issue. Told me I can leave mine for however many days until they figure it out, or just drive it if nothing is significantly wrong until the fix comes over the air.

Sarah R | 01/12/2019

I just noticed this note in the owner's manual. Maybe it helps somebody:

Note: Software updates can not be performed
when Dog Mode or Keep Climate On is active.

lbowroom | 01/12/2019

Don’t think there are any significant number of people who like to be lied to, don’t know what kind of story you’re building there.

Sarah R | 02/12/2019

@lbowroom Oh wow ... I know you're not talking to me because I copied and pasted that note directly from the PDF owner's manual, page 119, left column, about 2/3 of the way down the page.

don.lind | 02/12/2019

@Sarah - nah, pretty sure lbowroom's "lied to" comment that was directed back at AZJohn...

lbowroom | 02/12/2019

No Sarah, I'm a fan, your viewpoint makes sense. | 02/12/2019

For those without a current update - Two other ideas - If you have Sentry mode on at home, turn it off. Also, try a reboot (hold both scroll wheels in). With luck perhaps the update will appear in a day or two.

Could your router have a firewall that prevents Tesla from getting the update? I haven't heard of that happening, but I suppose it may be possible. It's hard to try Wifi overnight somewhere else, but if you can, try that.

honeyyboomboom | 09/12/2019

Car is fixed and updated!

Had to make a service appointment and leave the car with them for a day. They basically had to give my car a software repair/update in order for my car to be able to receive normal updates moving forward. Technician has to work directly with an engineer for it to be performed.

If you haven't received updates in a while, its quite possible your SIM is also blacklisted requiring this software fix and is worth calling a service center to verify. There would be a note in the system associated with your vehicle.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in

bradbomb | 09/12/2019

Glad to hear the update