Do you use and trust autopilot?

Do you use and trust autopilot?

Love my 2 month old car and all the features. I have tried autopilot several times for a minute or two but then manually take over. A little nervous as to will the car stop, etc. I am planning a small trip from Fort Mill, SC to Savannah GA,and then one to Boca Raton, FL. Deep down I would really like to use Autopilot and looking for some assurance from those of you who use it often.

Does AP work as advertised? Looking forward to hearing your reviews.

stingray.don | 27/11/2019

It works great as long as you have well marked lane lines. You just have to be attentive while driving and ready to take over. My car drives me on ramp to off ramp everyday to work.

surfpearl | 27/11/2019

Yes, it works very well, you just need to watch it like a hawk and be prepared to take over if/when it gets confused. It's still in Beta. Happy travels!

bp | 27/11/2019

Rarely and for short intervals, and no, I don’t trust it as much as I trust myself (it’s pretty good and getting better, but I’m still a much better driver ;)

Plus, I actually enjoy driving the M3 myself. :)

brscpo | 27/11/2019

My first few days driving the M3 with FSD were very stressful and I realized I was approaching it wrong.

It was stressful because it would choose a 'line' in the lane to follow and for curves that was different then I normally did and it worried me.

My fix was to stop doing what was causing stress and I needed to learn more about how the car handled driving. I started using FSD on big multi lane highways that were almost empty. I drive to work around 5 AM. There are not a lot of cars on the turnpike at that time of day. That is where I started letting FSD work - and during stop and go traffic.

I learned how the FSD worked and drove and developed confidence. I learned that when the lane gets really wide - a long merge or exit areas, that it wants to center between what it sees..and I now know to exit FSD in these areas - a slight lift UP on the gear selector exits FSD and adaptive cruise - so you do not have to jerk the steering wheel or touch the brake.

FSD is an assistive tool. As you learn to use the tool, you will LOVE it!

Wormtown Kris | 27/11/2019

Yes and yes, but I rarely use it because I enjoy driving the thing! I always use it in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but fortunately I don't see much b-b traffic around here. Sometimes I use it just to "plot the data points" for the streets in my area. We aren't overrun with Teslas yet in Central MA, so the neural network is learning from my car, so I feel an obligation to contribute to the data gathering.

Joshan | 27/11/2019

I use it 90-95% of the time I am driving in most all situations. There are places I know it will fail and take over before that time, or places it is obviously not going to work well (i.e. airport, mall, etc). It is night and day better than when I got the car in January.

GHammer | 27/11/2019

@brscpo FSD (full self drive) has not been released yet. What you are using is Autopilot.

-TheJohn- | 27/11/2019

Yes. All the time or at least whenever it's appropriate. Never in neighborhood driving for example or when I'm only going a few blocks on main streets but otherwise it's really handy.

It doesn't take very long before you're well aware of its limitations and when/where it's of major use. On long trips it's a 99.6% of the time thing. Makes driving so much less stressful.

Joshan | 27/11/2019

GHammer | November 27, 2019
@brscpo FSD (full self drive) has not been released yet. What you are using is Autopilot.


This is not correct, FSD has been released. All that Autopilot contains is TACC and AutoSteer.

FSD = NoaP, Auto Summon and much more (for people who did not buy when Enhanced Auto Pilot existed).

howard | 27/11/2019

Not at all. It stays turned off. Why take the risk regardless of how small some may think it is.

Joshan | 27/11/2019

except stats say you are less likely to crash.... I trust math and science more than opinion.

Magic 8 Ball | 27/11/2019

It works very well for me.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 27/11/2019

Nah, I have wife for that )

vswendsen | 27/11/2019

Do I use it? Yes, sometimes. Do I trust it? Not at all!!!!! It is simply a driver assist tool and when used as such it is fine. But like the fine print says you have to be prepared to take over at any time.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 27/11/2019

FSD is the name Tesla gave to the autopilot software that takes full advantage ( legally) of the autopilot hardware in the car. It is fully capable of fully autonomous driving, but it is software limited to adhere to current law.
Yes, I use it, and as others have stated, it works well in its element. Use it, but pay as much attention to the road as if you were driving. You will learn its limitations and idiosyncrasies. It’s always improving through OTA updates. In the five months I’ve owned my M3, ( standard AP) it has gone from making sudden, jerky maneuvers to smooth adjustments. It’s only going to get better.

cmh95628 | 27/11/2019

Yes, I use it every day on the way to work, and yes I trust it. I still watch it...

Joho.keith | 27/11/2019

My model 3 just crossed 20,000 miles so I’ve had time to understand the best scenarios for autopilot. If traffic is flowing on a well marked highway it is great. Areas to avoid for autopilot: construction zones with temporary or erratic striping, aggressive drivers around you with fast and close lane changing, stop and go traffic with big speed changes.
Another way to look at is if the driving is a little challenging for you, it’s way too challenging for autopilot.

apodbdrs | 27/11/2019

Yes, use it 90% of my driving, love it! Driven RT using it from Anaheim to San Luis Obispo, CA, Anaheim to TorC New Mexico, Anaheim to Winsor, Ca and Anaheim to Las Vegas. Not to mention towns and cities in a 100 mile radus countless times. I own Tesla Model 3 dual motor over 16 months includes FSD.

casun | 27/11/2019

i use it twice a day during the week and trust it. complete and total commute game changer.

kevin_rf | 27/11/2019

Been using it for over a year, 31k miles.

Non-Highway Surface roads, no
*The exception is straight stretches of severe stop and go traffic where I manually use the brake as I deem necessary. In those cases I use it for keeping off the bumper of the person in front of me. Much less stressful.

Highways, 95% of the time with NoAP turned off.
*I cannot stand the constant lane changes that NoAP suggests. NoAP stays off.
90+ mile commute, probably 80ish miles each day at highway speed. I like it around 75 MPH-ish. Occasionally I'll be as high as 80 MPH. At night, I'm lucky if traffic is moving 5 miles an hour. I tend to stay out of the left lane.

I just watch it like I watch a teen driver. If it is not doing something I like, I interrupt and take control. It is pretty good, and an excellent tool to reduce driver fatigue. Took me 2 hours to drive home last night with all the pre-thanksgiving traffic. EAP was on the whole time with me mostly in the middle and right lane.

cnistal1 | 27/11/2019

Yes and yes. Use it 70% of the time. Greatly reduces the stress on my work commute. NoAP on long trips. Worth more than I paid for it in my opinion!

Frank99 | 27/11/2019

The TACC and lane-keeping portions work well, and i use them all the time when I’m on a highway, and occasionally on surface streets. They will have occasional Brain farts, like slowing down for no reason on an open freeway, so I’m a good boy and keep my hands on the wheel, my feet near the pedals, and my eyes on the road so I can take over if necessary.
NOAP, on the other hand, I don’t trust as far as I could throw the car. It does strange things, and at best is inconsiderate of other drivers; at worst it can is hazardous to them. I use it on the freeway, but it’s as stressful as sitting shotgun for a 16 year old with a learners permit.

M3phan | 27/11/2019

Yes and yes here as well. Everyday. No worries.

GrumpyinAZ | 27/11/2019

I understand the reluctance to accept the way it works. I nearly crashed out because I thought it was wrong: it saw some oncoming traffic that was in my blind spot and it was not going to change lanes until that traffic passed. Me, OTOH, thought the way was clear and so i overrode it. Collision avoidance saved the day.

The point is that many of us overthink what the autopilot/lane keeping software is doing. We're way smarter, but the software is much better informed - and doesn't forget the rules. You can adjust it so that you become more comfortable with the way it works, such as changing the following distance, so it will slow down and stop without making you worry about whether it will or not. That's a biggie. BUT walk before you run: don't turn on Navigate on Autopilot until you can find a four lane that's not busy and try it. I've managed to become comfortable enough with the software to drive more than 30 miles without touching the brake or accelerator, and touching the steering wheel when asked.

The bottom line for me: it works and is probably safer than I am. And I LOVE driving the car anyway!

billtphotoman | 27/11/2019

I do TACC and AP cut my fatigue on long interstate trips but I don't trust it enough to take my eyes of the road, even on Interstates and divided highways (the only roads I use it on). It won't avoid debris in the road and hitting anything larger than my fist at highway speeds would cause at minimum a blown tire.

andre | 27/11/2019

Yes, and depends on what you mean by “trust”. Generally, yes. But I also am aware/watching for where it may get confused as well.

andre | 27/11/2019

Yes, and depends on what you mean by “trust”. Generally, yes. But I also am aware/watching for where it may get confused as well.

drrock75k | 27/11/2019

I use it on highways with light to medium traffic. I don't trust it to make lane changes on its own; it suggests and I ok it or not. Also I don't trust it to merge with traffic on or off ramps.

ronbandel | 27/11/2019

Thank you for all the responses I really do appreciate it. Siting here in my office I'm starting to feel more confident. Hope I feel the same way tomorrow when I get in the car for a test.

yousef.f.ahmad | 27/11/2019

I watch very closely but am always cautious after seeing it turn abruptly on me. I definitely still use it about 75% of the time.

TickTock | 27/11/2019

Yes - over 80% of my driving is with it on
No - never take my hands off the wheel for more than a few seconds (but I do enjoy having the ability to do so)

M3phan | 27/11/2019

@ TickTock, trusting it doesn’t mean hands-free, it means trusting it to do what it is designed to do with hand(s) on the wheel. So it appears you do trust it!

jimglas | 27/11/2019

95% of the time on highways. Never in construction zones. Never had a problem.

spuzzz123 | 27/11/2019

Never. In fact I never drive my car. Why take the risk, no matter how small some think it is? It stays in the garage.

gparrot | 27/11/2019

Today, for the first time in two months, I switched NoAP on. I will admit that it is much improved with the current version of the software. Nevertheless, it is software that is still in Beta mode and it is currently designed to operate on highways only. Keep that in mind when you double-flick the right stalk on the steering wheel column.
This being said, given the fact I have to keep my hands on the steering wheel, I might as well drive the thing, it certainly is a pleasant car to drive!

Mike UpNorth_ | 27/11/2019

Trust - yes.
Use - no.

Driving myself is more fun. And I'm hardly ever in traffic.

Pepperidge | 27/11/2019

Trust = knowing good and bad.
I use most of the time. Feel stupid just keeping lane and speed by myself.

jdcollins5 | 27/11/2019

I use AP 95% of the time, even in city driving now. It has improved dramatically in the 14 months I have owned the car. I have driven from NC to Florida and back. As stated by many, you have to remain attentive and ready to take over at any time when it gets confused. It takes a lot of stress off of long drives.

HighlandPony | 27/11/2019

Of the 30k miles on the car so far I’ve used EAP or NoAP probably 85-90% of the time.

yudansha™ | 27/11/2019

It is great for long trips; you can relax and enjoy your coffee. Boca roads are great, but there is still some construction south of it on I-95.

Tronguy | 27/11/2019

In heavy traffic on local roads: All the time, does stop & go to a fare-thee-well. Just have to watch out for stoplights.
On interstates: All the time. Think about it: When changing lanes, it's got more eyes than you do.
On a 2000-mile recent road trip: Makes one feel a lot less stressed.
When not to use: When merging gets seriously weird, it acts like a nervous teenager when switching lanes. I can do that better.
Finally: Had the car since 9/2019. It has gotten consistently better and better doing NoA.

RayNLA | 27/11/2019

I use it in bumper to bumper traffic and in the middle to left lane on the freeway. As a personal rule I take over if there is an accident or emergency vehicles in lanes. Like everything in life, its not perfect and I don’t expect it to be.

FISHEV | 27/11/2019

No is the bottom line.

1. Random braking on adaptive cruise
2. Lane keeping works 10% of the time as it stops after one crossover.
3. Blind Spot Indicator on graphic requiring taking eyes off road, looking down and right when you should be looking up and to the left.
4. No Rear Cross Track Warning.

The car behaves erratically on the basic safeties on AP so it can't be trusted to work when needed.

lilbean | 27/11/2019

Used it from LA to Mammoth. So great! It made that drive so much easier!

GHammer | 27/11/2019

"This is not correct, FSD has been released. All that Autopilot contains is TACC and AutoSteer."

Excluding summon, all the features utilized while driving are Advanced Autopilot not FSD.

FISHEV | 27/11/2019

"Yes, and depends on what you mean by “trust”. Generally, yes. But I also am aware/watching for where it may get confused as well."@andre

That probably states it best. As long as you are aware of the shortcomings, it's OK to use it. I use the adaptive cruise all the time. No issues stopping for car in front but the random braking can be annoying to dangerous so you have to ready to intervene. It's never caused an accident but that is more to the credit of the people in back of me when Tesla suddenly decides to brake hard going 70 mph on the interstate because it "saw" and overpass it didn't like or saw traffic in merge lane as in my lane or saw traffic on interstate curves safely in their lane but still braked hard.

The Lane Keeping doesn't work but AutoSteer looks to work well most of the time.

casun | 27/11/2019

fishev is a known troll and misinformation artist. pay no attention to him.

vmulla | 27/11/2019

Pepperidge | November 27, 2019
Trust = knowing good and bad.
Very well said.

I trust the system. That's the bottom line answer, there's more but let's leave it at the bottom line for now v

Ronbo | 27/11/2019

I expected to never use it but over time I’ve found it works very well and now I use it whenever it makes sense.

teslamazing | 27/11/2019

100 %. Have about 7-8k miles on autopilot alone.