Battery Degradation in 4 Month old M3 w/ 5K Miles

Battery Degradation in 4 Month old M3 w/ 5K Miles

November 18th, 2019:

On 10/27/2019, with only 4,163 miles on the odometer, my 2019 Tesla Model 3's (delivered 07/26/2019) estimated range at 100% charge dropped suddenly from 310 to 305, and my range at 90% charge dropped from 279 to 274. This does not seem like real battery degradation, but some kind of software glitch. I upgraded my software from 2019.32.11.1 d39e85a to 2019.32.12.2 58f3b76 on 10/15/2019, so the range dropped twelve days later -- apparently NOT caused by the software upgrade. I am now on software 2019.36.2.1 ea322ad (installed on 11/16/2019 with 5,009 miles on the odometer), and my battery has continued to degrade, and now its estimated range at 100% charge is 303 miles. This is concerning.

November 30th, 2019 (Update from original post on November 18th):

After driving an other 600 miles in 12 days, (Odometry: 5,607mi), my estimated 100% range fell drastically (again) to 295 miles. One factor that might help to explain this (at least partially) is that the temperature is continuing to get lower during the hours it is parked. The first drop occurred though with a mere 4 degree drop from 70f to 66.5f. The last drop (which was ten miles of 100% range loss) occurred in conjunction with the temperature dropping to 47.3f.Th

All in all, I have lost over 5% of my 100% estimated range in a mere four months. This is really concerning to me. Is there an explanation for it? Could I have a defective battery or charging system? If it is temperature related, will I see range recover when the weather warms up again?

Thank you for any information or suggestions you may have.

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andrewd523 | 30/11/2019

I have the EXACT same issue. 2019, P3D- with 5,000 miles and if I push the slider to charge up to 100% it only says 295 miles... Anyone else experiencing this? Is it the cold weather, or the new app update we received last week which shows the mileage on the battery “slider”.

Magic 8 Ball | 30/11/2019

Our P3D- with just over 17K miles shows 272 miles rated range if charged to 100%. The cooler weather is definitely having an impact. I never really checked the "rated range" until after they showed in the new app update.

fiddleman | 02/12/2019

I just noticed that new Model 3s LR-AWD are advertised with a 322mi range (up from 310), and yet my 4 month old Model 3 has only 295 range (and falling)! WHAT GIVES?

Bighorn | 02/12/2019

Do you keep getting stranded running out of gas? Must be horrible.

rdavis | 02/12/2019

You don't have an issue and if you think you do then make an appointment at the SC for them to check the batteries. The rated number on the screen is a fictional number made up of lots of factors. 'nuff said.

Joshan | 02/12/2019

that is not degradation, please educate yourself before making incorrect claims. Plenty of info to be found.

Iwantmy3 | 02/12/2019

There is definitely a correlation between maximum rated miles at full charge and ambient temperature. I have been tracking my charging numbers for a few months. As the temperature drops, my range after charging also drops.

The good news is, when the weather has warmed up on occasion, the rated miles after charging also goes back up. This shows that the effects aren't permanent. They are simply part of the experience of driving an EV in the winter.

SJV | 02/12/2019

I can understand the estimated range on the graph depends on driving style,etc.
Here is my understanding on rated range:
The rated range is just a plain EPA calculated range and should not change unless the battery degrades.
It should be as simple as Total Battery capacity divided by Wh/Mile, that is 72Kw / 230wh/mile = 310 miles.If your usable total battery capacity goes below 72Kw, then the rated range goes down.

Please educate me, if my assumption is wrong.

Bighorn | 02/12/2019

Theoretically correct if there were a way to accurately measure kWhs (not kWs)

Joshan | 02/12/2019

just to be clear to all. Theoretically correct does NOT mean that it is correct in reality.

Bighorn | 02/12/2019

Hence the conditional “if.”

cchike4 | 03/12/2019

I’m having the same problem. I have a M3 LR-AWD, about 3 months old and 3,788 miles, in California. I recently noticed that my battery’s capacity dropped to 270 for 90% and 299 for 100%, so I went searching for related posts and found this. Not sure if I should consider contacting service or not; my range is also shit so I’d like to complain to them about that too (my lifetime wh/mi is around 340). Maybe these newer batches of M3’s just suck? Idk

Bighorn | 03/12/2019


mcmorj | 03/12/2019

Do you leave the car plugged in all the time? I have only covered about 3k miles and there has been no noticeable drop in range despite the colder weather. I leave the car plugged in on the driveway (as it suggests in the manual) and I believe this allows the BMS to quietly fettle the battery pack. When the car was parked overnight at a friend's house and the temp was just above freezing, the app did warn me that my range was impacted by the cold pack. As the weather warmed up during the day - the range returned to "normal".

WW_spb | 03/12/2019

@Bighorn, be careful. Sheriff keeps list of insults for his legal team )))

Lorenzryanc | 03/12/2019

I found the solution @OP. Go to your settings, display, and under Battery, switch to percent. My car now shows 90% when I'm at 90% and no sign of degradation.

In case you're not seeing the pattern, most of us find it ironic when people are measuring a few percent of an estimation when past vehicles got no where near their sticker rating and few people raised a stink, it was just assumed.

jamespompi | 03/12/2019

Considering that people with 50k miles are seeing the same drop as people with 5k miles its likely not real degradation. However, Tesla should either fix the dropping indicated range or address it outright as its created a back log of service appointments and owner concerns.

WW_spb | 03/12/2019

Or set your meter to % and don't worry about it.

Lbanworth | 03/12/2019

I first need to know your charging habits before I can advise. I too had the same issues and became educated on proper battery calibration. I was able to get my battery to 307 @100%. Before calibrating it was down to 297.

Lbanworth | 03/12/2019

By the way, I have 40,000 miles on my 2018 M3 AWD.

donharvey2323 | 03/12/2019

This is the estimated range based on past driving habits and ambient temps. Drive more conservatively and/or in warmer temps and the estimate will go up.

FISHEV | 03/12/2019

"My car now shows 90% when I'm at 90% and no sign of degradation."

Battery degradation is a fact of life for lithium ion batteries. If Teslas shows no degradation over one year then Tesla is inaccurate.

I think Tesla does show battery degradation and you can see it from the data Tesla provides via the third party apps like TeslaFI and StatsApp.

Here's my degradation graph for six months, 12,000 miles.

Joshan | 03/12/2019

nothing in the above post from fish is true. Educate yourself with facts and don't listen to internet trolls.

His own graph shows his battery GAINING miles on some days. Degradation never returns.

There are way to get this info if you do research, and no app is going to give it to you....