1/4 mile time for a Raven Long Rnge.

1/4 mile time for a Raven Long Rnge.

I just ordered a model s non performance and even though it says it is 3.7 seconds 0-60 it doesn’t say the 1/4 mile times? Is there a launch control option in the non performance? What if any things are going to be missing from the non performance?

EVRider | 01/12/2019

Performance? :-)

RanjitC | 01/12/2019

@ EVRider +100

nukequazar | 01/12/2019

OP said non performance. No ludicrous, no launch on non-P. But, but the why, oh my god who gives a damn about 1/4 mile. Go buy a Dodge Challenger.

NKYTA | 01/12/2019

Why? So you can lose?

nukequazar | 01/12/2019

You mean for all the times you challenge people to 1/4 mile races on your way to the mall? Just sick of all the drag racing BA stats that mean zero to daily driving or enthusiast/performance driving.

nukequazar | 01/12/2019

BS not BA

NKYTA | 01/12/2019

I’ve driven Laguna Seca in a Formula 4.

There is 1 straight.

Have you?

nukequazar | 01/12/2019

Was this post about Laguna Seca?

nukequazar | 01/12/2019

And if you’re a serious track racer, you really shouldn’t give a damn about drag racing stats. Plus you have no credibility here because most of your comments serve no purpose other than being an a-hole.

NKYTA | 02/12/2019

That post was questioning your track ability and cred.

Clearly none. Check.

NKYTA | 02/12/2019

I’m not a serious track racer.
But I have driven a race car, on a race track.

Clearly you haven’t.

Tropopause | 02/12/2019

Nuke- Let people enjoy their cars in whatever way they wish.

Op- I believe the Raven long range will do about a 12 second 1/4 mile. Performance Raven is mid 10's 1/4 mile with 0-60 2.4 (a little faster than a Taycan) and Performance Model 3 is mid 11's with 0-60 3.0-3.2 seconds.

Maybe a reputable source, such as DragTimes, could test the Raven long range on the track to see what it's capable of achieving.

nukequazar | 02/12/2019

Bottom line, Teslas are great cars but they're not race cars or sports cars.

They all give you great acceleration getting on the freeway or passing cars at moderate speed. My advice is test drive a Model S. The test cars can emulate every battery and performance configuration in software so you can see the difference. Do this and decide for yourself rather than focusing on drag-racing/muscle car stats on the internet.

I do want people to enjoy their Teslas, but with honest information. All these drag-racing stats are a bit of fake news. I assume anyone actually interested in off-street drag racing would definitely be getting a Performance model.

First off, Launch Control is not useable in daily driving because of the long battery warmup prep time. And it could be considered exhibition of speed, and get you a huge fine or vehicle impound.

1/4-mile time is also not useful in street driving because you have to break speed limits by far to see this.

The reason I mentioned Dodge Challenger is that 0-60 times may mean something real for ICEV's because it may be a proxy for overall speed performance but not for BEV's (except Taycan with its 800 volt system) because most BEV's, including Tesla, even on a track cannot drive at high speed for more than a couple minutes because of battery overheating putting them into "Limp Mode."

Drive the car and enjoy but don't fall for this muscle car BS.

TabascoGuy | 02/12/2019

Nuke, you really need to lay off the 0-60 bashing. If anyone wants to use 0-60 as one metric in their decision making process of which car they want to buy, that's completely up to them. Your constant rants that 0-60 time are meaningless is meaningless.

nukequazar | 02/12/2019

Actually, no, I don’t.