Delivery Support Specialist

Delivery Support Specialist

I was wondering how everyone else's Delivery support specialists were as it pertains to responding to emails. Do they do it in a timely manner?
When I bought my Model S in 2015 he was very responsive and usually replied back within 24 hours, unless it was a weekend. The DSS I have now is terrible and it has taken up to 13 days to get a response and then he doesn't answer my questions. I don't want this to be a bashing of Tesla or their employees, I was just wondering what others were experiencing since this is so different from the last time.

festgiven | 02/12/2019

I picked up my car on Saturday and my DSS told me " think of this as like getting a new phone, you have to take it home and play with it".

She just rushed me to get the car and go, the process took less than 15 minutes after she put my plates on.

I even ask how do I charge it can you show me she said: "O I can't, they are charging the test drive cars right now".

I was very disappointed with the experience.

whartline | 02/12/2019

@festgiven - During the process did she promptly respond to any emails you sent?

festgiven | 03/12/2019

I called, but never got her. Someone else responded to my questions. I have to bring it in for service in 2 weeks. I am going to call tomorrow to find out why I got a car that was not prepared properly.

anhlue | 03/12/2019

That’s frustrating and I’m sorry you experienced this. They all tend to want to rush customers! I watched a lot of YouTube for my TM3 and then made sure answered everything. Made her take me they all the settings. She wasn’t too pleased but I forced the situation. Do you have a follow up appointment to go over any punch list items that they documented at delivery? Call and ask them to set aside time to walk you thru the car.

festgiven | 04/12/2019

@Anhlue, I just sent an email, I will let you know what they say

whartline | 05/12/2019

I spoke to My DS last night. All along I have been telling him I want to take delivery at the service center in Dallas and not home delivery. He said if I can get a temp tag they will allow it since the Dallas SC can't issue a temp tag for out of state.
I was able to verify to him I can get a temp tag but now he still refuses. He also sent the car to St. Louis instead of Dallas. I still have not received responses to my emails and only talked to him after numerous calls and messages left.
I then asked him if I refuse home delivery and insist on taking delivery at the SC will Tesla not sell me the car. He said yes. - I have owned a Tesla since 2015 and have never had this much trouble and total lack of customer support.