Premium connectivity for $9.99 a month

Premium connectivity for $9.99 a month

Just got an email from tesla offering premium connectivity for $9.99 a month

Given browser and music streaming works now even without the premium package, not sure if just getting live traffic details is worth it.

What do you all think?

pjwheeler83 | 07/12/2019

Already subscribed, been waiting on this offer since March!

taronwalton1 | 07/12/2019

I like the convenience so I will continue to use the premium service. Hope they create the option for a yearly subscription.

jasongrendahl | 07/12/2019

Hopefully, with this, my SR+ will finally get traffic visualization. I'm still on the "trial package" right now and I do not have traffic visualization or satellite view. I have all of the other features though such as Caraoke, browser, and streaming audio. Are other SR+ owners seeing it this way too?

I set myself up to pay the monthly fee in January. I guess I'll see if I get traffic then. If not, I guess I'll be canceling premium connectivity shortly thereafter.

Pg3ibew | 07/12/2019

@smrsxn, did you bother to read the link YOU posted? As of January 1, you will no longer have thise things for free. You will need to pay.

Devilstower | 07/12/2019

Glad to see this offer. Definitely subscribing. There you go, Tesla.

slabella | 07/12/2019

Gee, I can't believe that I paid (10/2019) for one expensive, M3DM, with AP and FSD (Coming soon?) and now i need to purchase this Premium connectivity for $9.99 a month?

Crazy and not for me.


tdwin2000 | 07/12/2019

I ordered my car July 7th 2018. I seem to remember it was going to be about $100/year (which it is). I agree it would be nice to just have an annual fee as an option to monthly billing. As a stockholder n Tesla since early 2013 I welcome it as it should help bump the bottom line for the company. At $10/month seems like a bargain price for all that it does. I remember years ago when I had the first year of the Buick Enclave (2008...and what a piece of junk that was) GM auto charged my account for Onstar service after the 6 month trial ran out about $350/year. And, that did things like remote opening of the doors, emergency services and GPS tracking of the vehicle (all things our cars do even without the premium service upgrade).

jwins | 07/12/2019

I'm on the fence. I got my car 9/18 and expected that at some point this email would come. Most of the things on the list of premium features are things I never use, or can use via my iPhone. Satellite view of maps might be the thing my wife is most interested from the list.

gmr6415 | 07/12/2019

It's not like all of us who purchased after the cut off date for free lifetime connectivity didn't know this was coming. Personally I think it's well worth the price....just signed up.

bstamford | 07/12/2019

SR+ here. I also subscribed but have yet to see live traffic or satellite view. Anyone else?

mazers | 07/12/2019

Purchased before the end of June 2018, knowing that I'd have the premium for life. I'm actually a little surprised that it took so long for Tesla to implement this. After all, it is a decent revenue stream.

eric.boulder | 07/12/2019

I didn't know this was coming as it was not clear to me when we purchased in Sept 2018 that this was a premium service. I'm disappointed. Early adopters paid more for their cars than what it could be purchased for now and now they want to tack on a subscription fee.

82bert | 07/12/2019

Just to clarify from what the OP stated, the only thing included without paying for premium (which is far less than my Netflix subscription), is Navigation. Everything else is premium. Our first car ends this month for complimentary premium. I signed up immediately and will do the same for our 2nd model 3 when it comes due.

82bert | 07/12/2019

Let the complaining begin. This was known from the beginning and should be charged for the services provided in our Teslas. Early adopter, shmerly adopter.

jfaubl | 07/12/2019

So you do get it for free for one year if you just bought your car and have a premium interior. The only thing I use and like it the satellite view and live traffic. Ill sign up though. The arguments against not buying remind me of the argument about not paying for premium gas in your luxury car. You bought a very expensive vehicle. $120/year is not much if you bought a Tesla.

Bighorn | 07/12/2019

And don’t call me Shmerly. At some point, these revenue streams are going to start adding up.

walnotr | 07/12/2019

I’m still not complaining. I got five months of free premium connectivity before being asked to subscribe to the service. I went into the purchase knowing full well this day would come. The six day delay placing my order was more about convincing my SO than about saving the $100/yr. ;-)

walnotr | 07/12/2019

@Bighorn - At the minimum it will offset some of the cost of providing so much for so little.

flash777 | 07/12/2019

Has anyone tried using their phone as a wifi hot spot? If the data use isn't too high, that might be an alternative to the extra $10/month.

DiemTesla | 07/12/2019

So I upgraded, but how does one get these features now on their M3? I went out to the car and they are not there.

Bighorn | 07/12/2019

I use my phone as a hotspot in Canada with my old Model S that doesn’t have Rogers connectivity. It burns through the daily allotment of data rather quickly. $5 daily fee lasts a few hours of mapping and music.

nagesh | 07/12/2019

So let me understand this
I ordered and configured the car on 6/28/2018 (1000+2500 deposit)
My car was delivered on 9/30
Will I get lifetime connectivity?

Model3.Tesla | 07/12/2019

Looks like I made it in just under the wire. "Free Unlimited" under Premium Connectivity.

I was wondering when they would start charging for the service. It seems it starts soon!

The fee seems comparable to other services.

gkohn | 07/12/2019

If you already have unlimited data on a cellular phone, can you join the car to your phone one wi-fi and maintain all of this functionality?

Bighorn | 07/12/2019

That question is answered in the link I provided. The table shows asterisks for features provided by WiFi.

bonya4 | 07/12/2019

getting it

eric.boulder | 07/12/2019

"Let the complaining begin. This was known from the beginning and should be charged for the services provided in our Teslas."

This was not known to me. I think someone told me when I was considering buying the car that streaming music would have a monthly fee after one year. And it was only music that would have a fee.

I just checked and when you configure a car now it states that it's only one year of these features. I don't think that was there when I purchased. It's possible I overlooked that when I ordered online but I think that's unlikely.

o7b2 | 07/12/2019

M3 SR. I just subscribed but didn't see the satellite view. Do I have to switch to that view, if so how or do I have to wait for an update?

Phantom_Menace | 07/12/2019

SR+ owner and getting this ASAP but looks like it’s not setup for Canadian owners yet. Satellite maps and traffic visuals alone are worth it.

andrewsjra | 07/12/2019

Too bad they don’t offer different packages. Although I didn’t mind YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, they weren’t a necessity for me. However I do use Slacker and Spotify which I began paying for when it was available. I think those should be offered in a cheaper package. I don’t need all the bells and whistles. We have 2 model 3’s so this would be pricey. Debating if it’s worth it. Might stick with my hard drive with music.

LikeLightning | 07/12/2019

M3SR+ Ordered immediately. Totally worth it. @o7b2- I do not know for sure but it might be that the satellite kicks in on Jan 8 when the paid subscription starts.

neildelson | 07/12/2019

I'm assuming the ability to use music streaming also includes Spotify and TuneIn (not just the Tesla streaming). Is it your understanding that even if I have a subscription to those services separately, I still won't be able to use them without the Premium Connectivity?

markr7 | 07/12/2019

$119.88 per year! This is a bargain compared to other car manufacturers - Just sayin...

bcaslis | 07/12/2019

I haven't gotten an email but I do see this option under my account. I just bought my Model 3 end of September 2019. Do all cars have to have this before January 1 or is this staggered depending on purchase date?

Bighorn | 07/12/2019

TuneIn has always been part of Tesla included streaming. Spotify requires an outside subscription.

bcaslis | 07/12/2019

OK, looking at details under my account I do now see that it's free for 1 year from purchase of the car. So I can live with this, I was expecting this to happen at some point.

EAPme | 07/12/2019

Anyone who was paying attention should have known this was going to eventually happen.

A bargain compared to other in-car services (e.g., Onstar).

Take my money, again, Tesla. The features are worth it for me..

bl8006 | 07/12/2019

As a newbie (just picked up M3 last weekend), can I continue all the premium features if I hotspot my iPhone? If so, is there a tutorial on doing that?

wiscy67 | 07/12/2019

SR+ ownere here. I received the same email as OP this morning. For additional context below is the body of the email that references the features linked by the OP.

i don't see any way to accept the 30-day trial and don't see the satellite map option. When I click my map view I have standard only. I will try rebooting. I have been using the streaming option (with my Spotify premium subscription) exclusively since it became available. This is far easier than using Spotify on my phone via bluetooth. I expect to subscribe but I would like to see the Satellite view option.

Premium Connectivity 30‑Day Trial
You've received a complimentary 30-day trial of Premium Connectivity ending on 01/07/2020. Subscribe any time during the free trial to continue enjoying the features below.

2DLuis | 07/12/2019

It would be nice if they could somehow work this into the referral program. Would much rather get 1 year of premium connectivity over the current 1,000 miles of SC credit, especially since traffic data is not included in standard connectivity.

Bighorn | 07/12/2019

Asked and answered above. Some features, but not all, are available that way as enumerated in my link. Hotspot is very easy as it shows up as a WiFi source just like any other.

bryan.whitton | 07/12/2019

I have decided to get the subscription. Now I am waiting for my wife to get up to ask if I made the right decision.

raqball | 07/12/2019

Subscribed! I hope I get live traffic visualization once the trial ends as I don;t have it now in the trial... $120 a year is dirt cheap for what they are giving you...

I wish they offered a yearly plan OR a lifetime purchase option but $10 a month? Yes please!

Lonestar10_1999 | 07/12/2019

Tesla was smart to let everyone try the premium connectivity during the free trial period. Since the subscription is monthly and can be initiated any time, I will defer signing up until well after the trial period ends on 1/7/2020.

If I find I simply cannot live without premium connectivity then I will subscribe. Otherwise I would prefer to have less recurring monthly bills.

raqball | 07/12/2019

If anyone want to read the info on here here is the support link..

I am happy Tesla offered this. $10 a month is pocket change for what you are getting..

rmg007 | 07/12/2019

How does paying for a premium Spotify account equate to a belief that one should continue to receive Spotify in your Model 3 on Tesla’s dime? Premium connectivity is what gives you internet in the car.

Wilber | 07/12/2019

I am still not sure what is included in "standard" (non premium) package. Does it include the basic maps showing streets? I am guessing yes. I understand the "Satellite view maps" as when it shows like a photograph with trees and parked cars and stuff. If standard still includes a basic map, i think i could live with standard.

tmatthews | 07/12/2019

I picked up my M3 SR+ on Aug. 9, 2019 and saw that many of the premium connectivity issues were activated in the last few weeks. However, live traffic was not one of the features and even after receiving the email about the 30-day trial, still is not available. Does anyone know if there's a way to turn on this connectivity features during the trial (do you have to subscribe)?

Rodo | 07/12/2019

I don't really care for all of the paid features except the Satellite-View Maps. What I don't get is why it needs to be paid. I don't care about it to be live though. I download an offline map from google (in my android phone) and it is free. I re-download/refresh it every few weeks thru wifi when the google maps app tells me it is about to expire. I wonder if/how to do that in my model 3. Install the file in the dashcam drive maybe .... I should suggest to Tesla to look into it.