Vegas L-3 Supercharger nightmare

Vegas L-3 Supercharger nightmare

Very unhappy with the new Supercharger station on the strip... Level 3... 24 of them with solar charging sounded so good. As a local, I have tried to use it often. It has been common to have over half of them be imperative. Yesterday, however was the worst. All 24 stations did not work. There are 15 destination chargers that helped get a small charge over hours to make it to another supercharger. Tesla really needs to have better maintenance on this station. A very bad experience. John Davis model S

GHammer | 15/12/2019

A local? Nightmare? You do realize there are 3 other supercharger locations within 7 miles of that one.

PrescottRichard | 15/12/2019

Can’t charge at home?

Tropopause | 15/12/2019


milesbb | 15/12/2019

imperative=of vital importance

why are over half of vital importance. I do not understand

DonS | 16/12/2019

Superchargers are DC Level 2. What's an L-3?

rxlawdude | 16/12/2019

L3 was a provider of big Internet backbone pipes. ;-)

GHammer | 16/12/2019

@DonS Superchargers are Level 3.
L3= DC direct

Superchargers are further divided into 4 types
Urban=72kW peak
V1=120kW peak
V2=150kW peak
V3=250kW peak.

Vegas Linq has V3 superchargers.

sbeggs | 17/12/2019

Flag spam

PrescottRichard | 17/12/2019

Is it too early to call this post a hit & run?

SO | 17/12/2019

Shorts gettin desperate.

DonS | 17/12/2019

L3 may be used by some, but it is not in the SAE standards. At different times, various draft recommendations (prior to any J1772 standard) used L3 to refer to high power DC and high power AC. Under SAE, DC over 50kW is DC Level 2. I suppose companies are free to call their charging solutions what ever they want regardless of standards.