Premium Connectivity for Car Ordered June of 2018 - Who do I contact? (RESOLVED)

Premium Connectivity for Car Ordered June of 2018 - Who do I contact? (RESOLVED)

Hi All,

I have a 75D which I ordered in June of 2018. Prior to delivery Tesla swapped out my vehicle as there was an "issue" transporting the car I had ordered. Long story short, I want Premium connectivity but Tesla is not recognizing my vehicle order date. Does anyone know who to call to correct this issue? I have reached out to local service, my original sales rep and sent emails via the customer support site. Unfortunately I have not gotten any responses.

How do I get to a human that can actually fix this issue? While loosing access to Live Traffic and Satellite maps is not the end of the world, I am not happy that I can't get anyone who recognizes the issue and can fix it for me.


EVRider | 02/01/2020

So is the issue that you think you're entitled to free Premium Connectivity and you no longer have it, or that you want to upgrade to Premium for $10/month and you're unable to?

Note that many people are reporting issues with losing Premium Connectivity, so Tesla is clearly messing up here and you might want to give them a few days to get it right.

someguyinnj | 02/01/2020

Thanks EVRider. The issue is that I am entitled to free Premium Connectivity according to I ordered my car on June 23rd 2018 but I suspect that my order date was not properly calculated as a result of the vehicle switch prior to delivery. Any idea on who I can contact to try and resolve the issue? It's impossible to get to a human when calling Tesla.

Thanks again.

barrykmd | 02/01/2020

someguyinnj | January 2, 2020
I am not happy that I can't get anyone who recognizes the issue and can fix it for me.

Get used to it. Once Tesla has your money, they are done with you.

NKYTA | 02/01/2020

@barry, unless you form lasting relationships from the get go with your SvC.

It is not surprising to me that those that demand a certain level of service, are disaffected. Demand, being the keyword.

I need to schedule my charger pins to be re-platisized via Ranger via the app this month. I only have a couple minor contacts left at Burlingame, so this might help tell the tale of how things have changed.

BH has been on the phone via the national call center for a very unique problem. And actually talked to people.

In my experience, those that view the glass half-full live happier lives.

If you aren’t into that, there is always enjoying life as a retiree on the slopes, and spending the rest of your time bitching about the service for your $90k car.

someguyinnj | 03/01/2020

@NKYTA I do take most of the challenges with a grain of salt. Ironically I am having an issue where the edge of my screen is "browning". I have had 2 appointments scheduled and then cancelled on me due to unavailability of the "curing" machine. I take most of this in stride. However, I also want to see Tesla expand and appeal to the masses. For better or worse, they will need to up their customer service game if they want to appeal to the less-enlightened among us.

When I was having my delivery challenges the Las Vegas office was very involved. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all phone numbers/contacts for those Tesla team members. Does anyone recall if there is an 800 # for customer service for this type of issue? I am also going to try dropping into my local service center later today. Worst case I get a cup of coffee and top up my battery. I've also been eyeing up a carbon fiber spoiler.

EVRider | 03/01/2020

Try using to contact Tesla. Eventually you get the option to send them e-mail.

barrykmd | 03/01/2020

NKYTA - 100K

someguyinnj | 03/01/2020

So, I just received an email from a Tesla Customer Service rep out of the Utah Office. She confirmed that Tesla is using the Sept 10th 2018 "switch date" as my order date instead of my original June 23rd 2018 Order date. As disappointing as this is, what I find most frustrating is that I accepted a car without one of the key options I wanted (sunroof). My contract date is June 23rd 2018 as per my purchase agreement. The car which I ultimately took delivery of was built in Aug 2018. No different than what would have been for my original vehicle.

I am still awaiting a reply from my sales rep, but this is definitely disappointing. Again, in the grand scheme of things I am a very happy owner of my car. Time to go find a few grains of salt.

someguyinnj | 17/02/2020

So I ended up in a chat session with a customer service rep and explained my issue. After sending in my original contract/order confirmation she said she would look into it for me and let me know. A week later, premium connectivity magically showed up. And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

EVRider | 17/02/2020

Good to hear. Maybe you can change the thread’s title and add “(Resolved)” or something like that so we know you’re all set.

someguyinnj | 17/02/2020

EVRider - Done. Thanks.