Tesla so-called "service" rant

Tesla so-called "service" rant

So, all-of-a-sudden the car won't connect to the Wi-Fi in my house. It has been working just fine for 2 years. Nothing has changed in the house. Every other device (20+) still works fine. Tested at two other locations and it connected, but would not get out. Bug report submitted.

I have the yellow border on my screen.

Supercharging is SLOW. I ran it down to 40% this morning. The car had been driven about 30 minutes on the highway before getting to the supercharger. Temp was 50F. I was the only car there. Plugged the car in at 4:50AM. Indicated 30 minutes to reach 90%. At 5:20AM, not fully charged and still showed 10 minutes remaining. At 5:30AM, I reached 90%. That same charge would have taken under 30 minutes six months ago. I have duplicated this at two different superchargers on different posts. Bug report submitted.

I have had an appointment with service and someone from Austin calls me. She wants to know specific times to check the logs. I have better things to do than look at my watch every time there is an issue. I thought there was a purpose for the bug report. I guess not.

Service appointment cancelled.

OK, rant over.

Bighorn | 03/01/2020

Irony. You shared specific times. Older cars are not charging as fast anymore, thought to be based on science of battery longevity. Especially when going past 80%. Fortunately, very few people have need to SC past 80% anymore.

murphyS90D | 03/01/2020

The bug report records data in the logs. You need to record the day and time so they can find it. If you don't tell them it will never be looked at.

nukequazar | 03/01/2020

Every time I make a bug report, I also send myself a text message reminding myself what the bug was about. That way I have a record of the date and time.