Why do I need a Cybertruck again?

Why do I need a Cybertruck again?

Shame the frunk isn't a little larger, had to instead use the trunk...

yudansha™ | 04/01/2020

To store it in a shed?

vmulla | 04/01/2020

How did the car handle fully loaded?

kevin_rf | 04/01/2020

It's bigger on the inside

kevin_rf | 04/01/2020

Vmulla 40.50.7 seemed to handle the 3 shed fine. More a mess with the profiles to pull the drivers seat forward.

stingray.don | 04/01/2020

Is that Sheila’s she shed?

jimglas | 04/01/2020


M3phan | 05/01/2020

@ stingray.don, lol

Ross1 | 05/01/2020

I need one to carry me in my refrigerated coffin in the vault forever/a million miles whichever comes sooner on a random path , on FSD/autopilot. This should be very important to you :)))

mcfarland | 15/01/2020

Cybertruck can be symbolic for people who protect nature, forests and environment. Because it's often looking silly, when "a greenpeace representative" comes to a meeting with his offroad truck (I've seen some) poisoning us with tons of emissions. I can imagine how a cybertruck gets to the outbacks of forests where poachers are hiding their secrets.