Issue regarding parking awareness/sensor

Issue regarding parking awareness/sensor

Hi folks,

Recently purchased model x.

So just a warning to people out there for when you park in reverse. Unfortunately the place I parked, posteriorly, had a lowered ceiling, perfectly low enough to avoid the sensors but also low enough to hit the spoiler on my car. As I was reversing, the sensors and the camera did not pick this depression in this indoor parking lot, and it damaged the spoiler. Unfortunately, 10 days in, I have to replace the spoiler at a certified repair shop in LA.

Just wanted to submit this for other people’s review. And be careful for when you park. This costs an additional perhaps 900. The pain..... | 06/01/2020

Sorry, you had this issue. I'm not aware of any car made today that offers rear-hatch height sensors for those kinds of obstructions.

Mrotr565 | 06/01/2020

Thank you. Yeah not sure what happened. It offered to do the auto park, And perhaps that prevented me from obtaining an initial proper view of the parking situation. I don’t know. It really got to my self confidence though.