Anton Wahlman, you da MAN

Anton Wahlman, you da MAN

I just wanted to pay tribute, along with my fellow Model 3 owning friends, to one of the most notorious TSLA shorts. Mr. Wahlman, you sir are the architect of this great short squeeze that we are all beholding. Here is a look back at some of your greatest work in 2019:

Jan 30 - TSLA @ $309 - The Street: "Tesla Earnings: This is a Hypergrowth Company?"
Mar 18 - TSLA @ $269 - Seeking Alpha: "Last Days for Musk?"
Apr 4 - TSLA @ $268 - Seeking Alpha: "Musk's and Tesla's Court Problem To Worsen 2 Weeks From Now"
Apr 4 - TSLA @ $268 - The Street: "Tesla Is Like a Soviet Factory: Production With No Concern for Actual Demand"
May 2 - TSLA @ $244 - The Street: "The Tesla Equity Raise: Fool Us Again, Elon!"
May 22 - TSLA @ $193 - The Street: "4 Reasons Not to Buy Tesla Stock here"
May 23 - TSLA @ $195 - The Street: "Tesla: Growing Competition Dooms It to Being a Small and Unprofitable Player"
Jul 25 - TSLA @ $229 - The Street: "Why You Must Dump Tesla Stock Here"

Today - TSLA closed @ $525/share

Let's all pay our respects to Mr. Anton Wahlman for doing everything he could to trigger the great TSLA short squeeze of 2020!

coselectric | 13/01/2020

The internet never forgets.

82bert | 13/01/2020

All praise be to the fearless fool, Anton.

Bighorn | 13/01/2020

Experts don’t think the squeeze has even begun.

coselectric | 13/01/2020

Surely the squeeze has begun... somewhere in Anton's short shorts.

sheldon.mike1010 | 13/01/2020

Honorable Mention goes to motormouth David Einhorn, a brilliant financial "titan".

RayNLA | 13/01/2020

“Please don’t squeeze the Charman”

Wormtown Kris | 14/01/2020

(Don't forget that Jim Cramer just sold The Street in August last year. So while they were publishing Anton's ridiculous articles, Cramer was likely accumulating cheap shares so that he'd be ready for his public "Come To Jesus Moment." that Golly, Teslas really ARE awesome. ) Makes it especially satisfying that his boss likely made a lot of money off Anton's echo chamber diatribes.

bwilson4web | 06/02/2020

Calm my friends. One hypothesis is institutional buyers (accounts with little or no engineering sense,) have finally realized they missed the boat and are trying to "me too" a position. Late to the party, they are trying to catch a bump without understand Tesla cars and business practices.

You can never go wrong betting against the technical skills of traditional analysts . . . they have none.