Excellent roof replacement support so far

Excellent roof replacement support so far

I requested panel removal from Tesla to accommodate roof replacement in mid-December. A few weeks later, I was notified that I was scheduled for removal in late January. I had many questions about the removal and re-installation process and had no trouble whatsoever getting through to a support specialist (after navigating the phone maze). The specialist was able to clearly answer all of my questions. In the nearly 2 years we have had our system, I have never had anything for competent and professional support from Tesla Energy.

gregbrew | 15/01/2020

My experience has been the same. Exemplary service.

mardyjazz | 20/01/2020

Where did you find a phone number for customer service. Seeems to be a maze that leads you back to the beginning. I am sorry that I chose Solar City as they are not customer friendly. And help will help!

mcdonalk | 21/01/2020

I believe that I called: 888-765-2489 and navigated a fairly simple phone maze before I contacted a solar technician.

I recall that once, in the past, the Tesla phone robot informed me that there was an approximate 20-minute wait and prompted me for a return hone number. I provided it, and about 20 minutes later, someone called me as promised.