Flat tires

Flat tires

Has anyone had any experience with a flat lately? Was getting Tesla there with a repair as easy as it's supposed to be?

jordanrichard | 19/01/2020

Tesla, unless they changed their policy, won’t repair a tire.

EVRider | 19/01/2020

@jordanrichard: I assume you mean on the road. I’ve had Tesla repair a leaking tire at a service center.

hcwhy | 19/01/2020

I mean that my Tesla did not come with a spare tire.....the solution to the flat tire problem is to call Tesla and they would send help. Is that working?

DTsea | 19/01/2020

Nowhere does tesla promise to fix your tires. Lots of cars do not have spares.

Tesla2018 | 19/01/2020

When I first got my car I had a service person come to my house to repair a port that was broken. He had a little service fan and I noticed that he had a spare tire on the inside of it along with other parts. I was under the impression that the road rangers can come and give you a loaner rim and tire, charge you for a tire; and then put a new tire on your rim at the service center, where you would meet them to exchange the rim and tire a day or two later. But maybe this only works on areas that are close to service centers.

Tesla2018 | 19/01/2020

Fix a part and he had a service van. I hate speak to type programs.

clemsonmba | 20/01/2020

I just ordered a Modernspare to carry in the trunk. If I have a flat I’ll change it myself or call AAA.

GoldAK47 | 21/01/2020

What a crazy world we live in, where a man cant fix his own tire.

SCCRENDO | 21/01/2020

Gone are the days when men fixed their own tires and carried AK47s in their cars.

GoldAK47 | 21/01/2020

Says who? They fit perfectly in the frunk.

jimglas | 21/01/2020

my claymore mines fit perfectly in the frunk

GoldAK47 | 21/01/2020


vswendsen | 22/01/2020

clemsonmba, I have a Modern Spare as well. Just wanted you to know there are two different bolt patterns on the wheel and it isn't obvious which is for your Tesla and which one is for some other vehicle. When you look at the Modern Spare there are five "arms". The bolt hole that is in the center of the "arm" is not for a Tesla. Use the bolt holes that are slightly off center of the "arm". Would be easier to just post a picture but can't do it here. I discovered this in my garage when I decided to see if there were any issues with putting the spare on. Thought I had the wrong wheel at first, even contacted Modern Spare.