Voice recognition

Voice recognition

Could use some work. Voice to text works fine, but NLP and inference is weak.

Example: tonight I couldn't figure out how to use the windshield washer. Kept pushing the left stalk button, but didn't realize it had a detent, and a light press-hold wouldn't activate it.

I tried multiple different voice commands to get help, but all it did was launch the home page of the owner's manual. That distracted me from driving while I tried to navigate through the very long index. Finally had to pull over and scroll through to find what I needed.

Any voice command with an item in the index plus the words "manual", "instructions", "how do I", etc, ought to launch the appropriate manual page and read a voice summary. The query should not be overly sensitive to phrasing or syntax. Doesn't seem like that would be a technical challenge for a company as AI-centric as Tesla.

IMO this would substantially improve the driving experience and further differentiate Tesla from everyone else.

vmulla | 19/01/2020

The voice system is different from the older one, it's only a few weeks old now and it's learning - give it some time.

M3phan | 19/01/2020

What phrasing did you try?
Maybe the wiper squirt guns aren’t voice enabled yet/at all.
Pulling over to read is always the right course of action.