Car over-charged

Car over-charged

Yesterday my car was charged to 90% even though it was as set for 80%. Today it charged to 82%. This happened in my garage at 240VAC 40A. Has anyone else seen this? 2016 P100D 49k miles. Software UTD

Bighorn | 22/01/2020

Was your Nav set to a distant supercharger?

Bill_75D | 22/01/2020

Last week my app signaled charging complete at 90% and when I unplugged 6 hours later the car was at 95%. It hasn't happened again.

jordanrichard | 22/01/2020

The only time I have ever seen a hiccup in charging like this was related to an OTA update that I initiated while the car was charging. It seemed to charge more than I set it to. It hasn't happened since.

PrescottRichard | 22/01/2020

I’ve had it go over by 3%, so not as impressive but it did happen once. Now that it is cooler in the garage it hasn’t happened again. I believe those numbers are all estimations, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Apparently trying to measure the capacity of all the cells is more difficult than measuring a liquid in a tank!

murphyS90D | 22/01/2020

The charge % is the result of a complicated calculation. There is no known way to measure the energy in a LiIon battery.

With a wet cell lead acid battery you can get close by measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte. | 22/01/2020

Here's another possibility. due to GPS errors. You may have saved several amperage limits at slightly different GPS points and/or GPS is intermittent at your location. Cement parking garages for example, often block GPS. Keep in mind GPS locations can shift during a 24 hour period by 50 feet or so. This means when you park it could be perceived at one location, but when charging starts, it's at a slightly different location that happens to have a different setting saved for the amperage.

I've not encountered this myself, but I also don't pay that much attention to the daily charging, other than to note that it did charge.

TranzNDance | 22/01/2020

This has happened to my car several times. I set charge limit to 90%. It has gone up as far as 100%. This past weekend, it was approaching 97% so I went and unplugged it. This started happening with the introduction of Scheduled Charging.

I use Teslafi, and the last time I checked, there wasn't a corresponding charge event (past the set limit) in the raw logs. The SoC just slowly crept up.

Ohmster | 22/01/2020

It's happening to me all the time with scheduled departure enabled. Set for 80%. Leave in the morning at 95%. It's bizarre.

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barrykmd | 22/01/2020

Never happened to me. I don't use scheduled charging. Just plug in when I get home and charge away.

docdac | 22/01/2020

@Bighorn, for some reason my NAV automatically turns on, set to ‘work’ location. And generally I am not using scheduled departure, but this problem has only happened since the firmware update that included scheduled departure. Also, scheduled departure failed to charge one time recently when I tried to use it, although other times it worked flawlessly. I smell a software bug.

Bighorn | 22/01/2020

Pretty sure predictive mapping is a new feature. Being nearby though wouldn’t support my hypothesis, that distant destinations can trump target SOC.

hhkara | 23/01/2020

Yes, happened to me last weekend. Limit set to 80%, and charging to complete by 7 am on the Stats App. Charging stopped according to the Tesla app on Sunday morning, but trickle charging continue to 93% by Monday morning (didn’t drive the car on Sunday).

jordanrichard | 23/01/2020

The auto nav is not connected to the scheduled charging/departure feature.

TranzNDance | 23/01/2020

Auto nav, whatever it is called, can be turned off in the Nav settings.

A-Wimoweh | 23/01/2020

I had this same issue, switching back to scheduled charging fixed it for me. Was thinking about trying scheduled departure again, but looks like its still broken.

egonzo21 | 23/01/2020

It has happened to me as well, but never that much. I'd set to 70 and it'd be at 72% or 80% and it would be done around 83%. I find it is when I go from very low to very high state of charge. I would joke to my wife that the car was so thirsty it took more than it thought. Like how one feels after a large meal when they haven't eaten in awhile. haha. Never thought anything of it really. But I have seen it, on both my Ses.

egonzo21 | 23/01/2020

I think it is due to calibration issues with the BMS.

rxlawdude | 23/01/2020

Yep, saw this in our MS last week. Looked at SOC and freaked out: 99%!!!!

Hasn't happened again. 40.50.7.

philgrocks | 26/01/2020

@TranzNDance has it right... This is a bug that came with the new charging methods... All is fine during the week when I drive the car. But on the weekend when I don't always drive, does charge even though it is not needed and goes well above the limit.

Wish Tesla would fix... It has been broken for over 6 weeks. (I'm still on 2019.40.2.1), I even called Tesla to see when the next update was coming and the rep said they were working to harden 2019.40.x.

Only think I did was go back to fixed timed charging... Starting @ midnight.