Front bumper collision

Front bumper collision


I've 2017 Model S which has around 21K miles and is in new condition. I've parked car correctly(center of 2 lines) in a parking lot. A weirdo guy hit front bumper bottom(driver side) while he's reverse parking. There is crack at bottom of bumper and scratches (driver side). It also has Ceramic coat & PPF. I got estimates from the body shop and all are around $4000.

Fortunately the guy accepts his mistake and police came in and filed report. At this point still waiting for the report to file a claim with his insurance. I've never experienced this situation. I believe it's obviously his fault and his insurance has to cover for it. Also he's willing to pay cash for repairs instead of insurance in picture. Now my question is

1. Will there be lot of impact on resale value? (Upside is getting new bumper. Will retain report and proof of receipts)
2. Is there a way to not get into carfax report?

Any suggestions please for best way to handle this issue?

Thanks in advance! | 23/01/2020

I suspect no affect to resale as long as no structural damage behind the bumper. Many bumpers take hits all the time and need replacements on all cars. Depending on where you are, you might see if there is a Tesla body shop near you and get a quote. They stock some pre-painted bumpers and if they have what you need, the costs could be much lower and effort to replace a 1-2 hour effort.

sofaguy | 27/01/2020

The final cost will be much greater than you think.
The sensors need to be reprogramed. Front end alignment done. Recalculate motors, etc. A headlamp is over $1500!
Don't settle until you have an accurate costs of the repairs, and that can only be done after car is opened up...