Anyone on Tesla Insurance? What are the pros and cons?

Anyone on Tesla Insurance? What are the pros and cons?

Anyone on Tesla Insurance? What are the pros and cons?

My concern is if Tesla Insurance will fight your claims saying that the data that Tesla Motors collects on your car every single day does not support the claim?

joneslawr | 25/01/2020

I am on Tesla Insurance, on my X purchased 9/30/2019. I can recommend relying on them, unfortunately, because for the first time in my life I had to file a claim. Six weeks after purchasing the car, in mid-November, I trusted Autopilot+ a bit more than I should have, taking command from it a tad too late to complete a sharp, well marked turn on a secondary road. Slid off road about 20 mph, bounced to a stop over some lumpy decorative rocks. No chipped or scratched paint but tweaked bumper and the car was hung up on the rocks. Font end damage was exacerbated greatly when the rear was lifted and the car dragged back onto the tow truck.

The Tesla Certified Body Shop said battery was scratched deeply enough to require replacement, driving total repair cost over $50k. Tesla Insurance accepted that and cut the check. I owe the deductible of course.

The main issue is that repairs take about 3 months. It's mostly done, but I am still waiting. The local Tesla Certified Body Shop convinced me it will be at least as good as new when I get it back. Many Teslas are in that shop.

No problem with Tesla Insurance. Claims are administered by a third party in Atlanta, and the check came out of Freemont, CA.

The Tesla Insurance card does not have a phone number to call for help. Tesla Roadside Assistance is no help if you have an accident - they did not even want to dispatch a tow truck for me at my own expense. It took over an hour to convince them to do that. And, they couldn't advise me on where to tow it. identifies Tesla Certified Body Shops in your area; pick one before you have an accident, and put a note in your glove box.

More than you want to know, but there it is.

Teslapalooza | 26/01/2020

@joneslawr, Sorry to hear about your accident. Good to know it is bein repaired. Are they giving you a loaner car while your car in their body shop?

Thanks much for all the good information on Tesla Insurance. Do you have other ICE cars in addition to Tesla? If so, are you buying the insurance for those from Tesla as well?

niduj | 27/01/2020

NJMCDirect is an online portal where you need to pay the fines. It takes only a few minutes of time to pay for the ticket. This is the easy way to pay the fine compared to paying the fine manually in the court.

Teslapalooza | 27/01/2020

The above response from @niduj seems to be off topic. Not sure why post that in this thread.

jaketherake | 28/01/2020

where do you get information on Tesla Insurance?

joneslawr | 28/01/2020

Like most insurers, Tesla Insurance comprehensive coverage includes a rental car allowance, through Enterprise. I arranged a rental, but when the time came they were out of cars.

Since mid November I've been driving my old Mercedes SUV, which I had not yet sold. It's insured though Geico. Geico's quote to insure my Tesla X was higher than Tesla Insurance.

I am not aware of Tesla Insurance covering any non-Tesla vehicles.

Teslapalooza | 30/01/2020

Thanks @joneslawr

I was asking because 21st century gives about 10% discount for multicar. Now if I take my Tesla out of 21st and buy the insurance from Tesla, I would not get multicar discount in either of the 2 places. Wonder how the overall cost of insurance will change in such a scenario.

Does anyone know if Tesla even has a multicar discount scheme. If they do, I might consider going with Tesla when I get my model Y.

warreninca | 01/02/2020

Tesla was cheaper than my current AAA policy, cheaper enough to make it worth the hassle of switching. Trouble is, if I switch to Tesla insurance, AAA says my home policy will increase by 12% and I will lose my umbrella policy. I'm staying with AAA.

raffidesigns | 01/02/2020

Have you guys noticed any changes based on Autopilot usage? Tesla did state that premiums could be affected by autopilot usage. The more you use, the cheaper it is.

cerjor | 13/02/2020

Telsa insurance is not available in Arizona. Darn!