New update 2020.4 ...from 2020.4.2.1

New update 2020.4 ...from 2020.4.2.1


I had 2020.4.2.1 before today, this morning received an update to 2020.4

What is going on? To be sure, I immediately reboot the car, it does show 22020.4 The release note does mention a lot of changes/updates such as text capability, stop sign alert etc.

Anyone has this update?

Charsiubao | 24/01/2020

Update... just saw something about this update version on the net... supposed to be released for the Chinese market only, but obviously not true, for I am here in California, USA

EVRider | 24/01/2020

See this thread in the Model 3 forum:

cportwood1941 | 25/01/2020

I got update 2020.4 yesterday. havent had a chance to check it out yet. Looks like vehicle info.

ggabo71 | 25/01/2020

this update blocking the bluetooth modul. i dont understand

Charsiubao | 25/01/2020

Thanks EVrider, I don't usually look at the 3 forums.

More info on the 2020.4... saw many new additions like Camp mode air, but the text does not work (using Android, did not test the iPhone connection yet, stop sign/red light warning or reaction does not work, loosing a lot of the street labels on the GPS...I hope it is not because the base software is "China" oriented, did not see any new games as reported for the "Chinese" market, the autopilot feels worse, basically, not much use or improvement over the 4.2.1, hopefully followup update soon to clean up the glitches.

EVRider | 25/01/2020

@Charsiubao: The only new feature I saw in the release notes was an Additional Vehicle Details link on the Controls > Software screen. Everything was already introduced in the 40.50.x or earlier updates. See the other thread I referred to for details on what the new feature does.

Charsiubao | 25/01/2020

Could it be... (for us with MCU1 but Autopilot/HW 2.5 AND paid FSD) that we were skipped 4.50x because the MCU1 does not work with the many new features, so with the 2020.4, it kind of gives us somewhat a bridge to work with the new MCU2 features, or at least a "test" of it and see if it works. But from the look of it, it does not really work that well, hope they figure it out soon.

On another note, has anyone heard about a "free" DIY version of a 'movie', graphic sort of software that can be installed in the MCU1 that allow movie or "Netflix" kind of video streaming?

EVRider | 25/01/2020

@Charsiubao: Tesla said before that they were planning to roll out the 40.50 features to MCU1 cars, but they were initially targeting MCU2. I guess they're ready to target MCU1 now, and since they also have a new update, you're getting 2020.4 instead of 40.50.x, but with the same features. Don't know if the same features in 40.50 were actually incompatible with MCU1.

You can't install anything in the car's computer. There are some very skilled users who've been able to hack the computer, but it's not something most people can do.

akikiki | 25/01/2020

Maybe we should begin to hope that newer software such as 2020.4.x will not work on our MCU1 cars.

johncrab | 26/01/2020

Canceling it multiple times per day since Friday.

EVRider | 26/01/2020

@johncrab: Cancelling what exactly?

jd | 26/01/2020

I am sure you had 2019.40.2.1 (which is what I have). 2020.4 is newer.

Bill | 27/01/2020

I just got v10.2 (2020.4.1) tonight. Checked it out. Now have enhanced voice commands; Camp Mode; Text reading and Text Reply; other phone improvements; new games; don’t know yet about stop signs or traffic lights will find out about that tomorrow when I take the Model S out for a spin. My MS is a 2015 70D with a MCU1. Not sure about Autopilot updates ... nothing new on Control Screen. Will report back when I see more features. But for now, I am very happy with this new update.

EVRider | 28/01/2020

@Bill: Traffic lights and stop signs are only shown with HW3, so you won’t get those.

EVRider | 28/01/2020

@Charsiubao: You might want to correct the title and content of your topic — the version you had before was 2019.40.2.1, not 2020.4.2.1.

Charsiubao | 28/01/2020

@EVRider, my are correct, think I mis-dated the was 2019.40.2.1

On that note, here is some more update..."honk" to save dash cam works well and make sense, iPhone text connection does not work either, missing GPS street labels has not come back yet... still only about 50% of the street labels before update, no new games found

blundell31 | 31/01/2020

my 2019 40,20 not working how can i update to 2020?

redacted | 31/01/2020

It turned battery heating back on when turning on climate with the app. It's glorious.

jordanrichard | 31/01/2020

My ‘14 pre-AP S85 got 2020.4.1. Loving the expanded VCs. You can even specify what level you want the seat heaters to be at. | 31/01/2020

I got 2020.4.1 yesterday... 2015 model S. Not happy with functionality of navigation. I used to be able to say stuff like "navigate to home Depot", and I would get a list of several stores to choose from. Now I get nothing when I say "navigate to home Depot" or any other destination. I can still search by typing in to the screen, but voice doesn't work.

akikiki | 31/01/2020

Klingon still works. Whew.

dlatter | 02/02/2020 Same
Model S 2016 understands me but just like the wife, ignores me