Car mat for 2020 Tesla X 7 seater

Car mat for 2020 Tesla X 7 seater

Can someone recommend a good Car Mat for 2020 Tesla X, 7 seater?

I used regular car mat bought in Costco and don't like it. It smells so bad.

lilbean | 03/02/2020

What about the ones in the Tesla shop?

sfurg73 | 03/02/2020

I bought set of WeatherTech mats for the MX. I’ve had them in a couple of my cars and appreciate how rugged they are, especially having small kids.

artc1688 | 03/02/2020

I have 2019 MX six seater config
put together a video on the challenges I encountered with WeatherTech and hope you find it helpful

gbpnkans | 03/02/2020

Tesla should come up with better floors and replace all these junk mats in the market. Such an great invention on the car, failed to create a good floor.

griffeyjr | 05/02/2020

Thanks for the reminder, just ordered my weather tech full set right from the weather tech website for my MX 7 seater.

n7142701886 | 05/02/2020

Tesla sells it for 160, WeatherTeach is 209.
Why didn't you buy from Tesla?

griffeyjr | 06/02/2020


It is my understanding the $160 is only the second and third row mats. My order from Weathertech is all three rows.

7 Seater Mat includes:

1 x second row floor liner mat
1 x third row floor liner mat

First row mats appear to be 180 more.

Weathertech was complete set first row and two piece second and third row for $209.

n7142701886 | 06/02/2020

@ griffeyjr
I got it, thanks

bryan321 | 06/02/2020

I think GOOGLE will give you the information about the best or suitable Custom Car Mat for 2020 Tesla X, 7 seaters.
I like TuxMat Custom Car Floor Mats.