AP doesn’t pass slower cars but does for trucks???

AP doesn’t pass slower cars but does for trucks???

First long trip in awhile. On autopilot at 75mph car comes up behind slower trucks and changes lane just fine. But approaching a slower car, my car just slows down to as much as 5 mph slower and stays in the same lane. I have to force it to change with turn signal. It sees the car in visualization. I have mad max set and am on 2020.4.1.

Anyone else seen this strange behavior?

jeff-reynolds | 06/02/2020

I haven't experienced this feature actually working at all. The options are turned on, but I'm never even prompted for passing.

vanfriscia | 07/02/2020

I haven't had the opportunity to use it lately, but in my experience automatic passing is somewhat hit or miss. Usually it does a pretty good job noticing the situation and passing with good timing. Sometimes it gets into the passing lane way too early, forcing others behind me to slow down and wait for me to pass. Sometimes it doesn't pass at all unless I initiate the lane change. I've never noticed a correlation between cars & trucks though. Still a work in progress, but more often than not it's worked pretty well for me.

HighlandPony | 07/02/2020

No, I have not seen this behavior. My car passed several cars on my commute home yesterday. Same version.

shank15217 | 07/02/2020

Well, maybe it likes to do what it does. That's what emergent intelligence is. Be happy your car has a personality.

vmulla | 07/02/2020

My car passes everything just the same.

LostInTx | 07/02/2020

It's been dodgy for me and often asks me to change lanes when doing so would clearly slow progress. We have to remember that we can see further ahead than the car - it's taking a pretty close snapshot.

But to the OP's question, my NoA doesn't discriminate. It makes either decent or poor decisions regardless of who's being passed.