Make that cybertruck 30” shorter and I’m in.... | 09/02/2020

I'm sure you can cut off 15" from the front and rear. Might not be street legal though :)

Orthopod | 09/02/2020

Just bend the polygon a little bit more

jordanrichard | 09/02/2020

Shorter in height or length?

gcsmoore1 | 09/02/2020

I am confidant that the truck bed is optimized for the standard mountain bike form factor.
I expect it to tote six fat bikes.

andy.connor.e | 09/02/2020


andy.connor.e | 09/02/2020

If it can reduce in length by 30 inches, im in. If it can only reduce by say 6 inches, keep it the way it is.

Ross1 | 10/02/2020

Most people are going to need to park it in Walmart ,no room at home : 20 ft with the towbar. Bigger than a 59 Chev/ Caddy

Ross1 | 10/02/2020

andy: I thought you were already in.

andy.connor.e | 10/02/2020

oh im in. in in it to win it

hcwhy | 10/02/2020

How about two sizes.... both with an optional configuration that's more like an suv with a passthrough from the cabin to the bed area.....even if it meant having to have liftable rear access.

andy.connor.e | 10/02/2020

would be cool but to create two different frames would require more tooling. The point of the cybertruck is to have net insignificance for cost of tooling to produce.

TabascoGuy | 10/02/2020

andy, there will be more that one fixture used for the main assembly. Seeing as they won't be using conventional stamped panels on the exterior, they will be assembling the exoskeleton using laser cut parts in a fixture and then welding those parts together. The more laser machines, assembly fixtures, and, welding robots they have, the more trucks they can make in a certain amount of time.

It seems like that they could have a few different sizes in the mix and not affect volume.

I'd prefer to see a regular cab long vault version for myself and the extended cab and crew cab versions for everyone else.

TabascoGuy | 10/02/2020


that they = they

andy.connor.e | 10/02/2020

What was shown on stage in November is what i want.

Techy James | 10/02/2020

Why adjust the size, if you overlay it and a Ford F150 you find only slight variations? I don't hear anyone telling Ford to or any other Truck Manufacture to make their Truck any smaller. If you want a smaller vehicle, get the Model Y or Model X, leave the Cyber Truck the size it is since it already has the proper sizing and functionality for a vehicle used like a Truck.
If you need a smaller truck go find an old Datsun and do an EV conversion. Of course you probably never heard of a Datsun, because when it comes to Trucks bigger is better.

andy.connor.e | 10/02/2020

I think when it comes to trucks, functionality is better. Although there are the cases where you are better off with a 2-person cab and an 8+ foot bed. But what other truck has the cargo space of the CT, or onboard plugs.

akgolf | 10/02/2020

It’ll fit nicely in my garage.

TabascoGuy | 10/02/2020

@Techy James - slight variations?

The F-150 can be configured with a regular cab (2 door), super cab (4 door), or, crew cab (full 4 door). You can choose a 5-1/2', 6-1/2', or, 8' box. If you go up the the Super Duty, you can choose 5 different wheelbase lengths from 142" to 176". Pretty much the same for Chevy and Ram trucks.

Being able to configure these trucks to fit your own use case is what makes them so versatile and popular. If Tesla only offers one size, that will limit the amount of the truck market they will reach.

Ross1 | 10/02/2020

The CT is ideal for shipping as a kit and built in any or all countries.
Even more so possibly the China Designer model , the 'world car'.
Ford Model T, Rolls Royce, most early marques were shipped CKD and local bodyworks fitted them out.
Doesnt Tesla have assembly plants already in Netherlands and Norway?

sbeggs | 10/02/2020

Great points. | 10/02/2020

@Ross1 - I think only assembly operation is at Tilburg, Netherlands. All they do is insert the battery pack into the vehicle body. It's a trick many companies use to get around some EU tariffs that apply to an imported fully built car. The factory is really not set up to do much more.

Ross1 | 10/02/2020

My staff said she went to The Tesla Factory in Norway 3 months ago.
What might that mean?

And dont they bring in the cars disassembled to Netherland, then reassemble?

TabascoGuy | 11/02/2020

@Ross, They have to do some "final" assembly in Norway. It has something to do with importing or tax laws. I read an article a while back and I recall seeing a picture of the "production facility", which looked more like a warehouse or indoor parking lot. Just a place that they could bolt on some parts and call the car "finish assembled in Norway". | 11/02/2020

Aside from installing the pack in Tilburg, Netherlands, I imagine the "factory" also does QA to resolve any transport issues and wash the cars. It is nothing like the Fremont factory.

I'm not aware of any Tesla factory in Norway, and checking on-line didn't show up anything either. They do have showrooms and service centers in Norway.

TabascoGuy | 11/02/2020

@TT, Do they transport the cars from port (Oslo?) to Tilburg to have the packs installed?

happyholy463 | 11/02/2020

I Like this cyber truck this is awesome. Will Buy this on | 11/02/2020

@TabascoGuy - I don't know what port the cars are brought in or how the transport is done. With Brexit perhaps they will import cars directly to the UK if they are not already doing that.

Cybertruckee | 11/02/2020

Countries have mandatory local content regulations. Car companies do the barest minimum to comply with the regulations -- unless the country has unique competitive advantage say in cheaper components, etc.

I ordered the Cybertruck to pull my trailer. I need or prefer a wider body as I always underestimate the width of my RV and in fact clipped a fence once with it and had near miss on gas pump islands (which won't be a problem for me soon).

cloudsmooth | 19/02/2020

In the design of the cybertrack, I seriously miss a couple of additional elements. I would like to buy it if I could add a couple of cool add-ons. By the way, I can tell you how I can read some useful information about this on and write down whether you can make any bells and whistles on such machines.

andy.connor.e | 19/02/2020

Are there really half a million reservations? They better think twice about only building 100k/yr capacity. Im glad i ordered in the first 3 days.

TabascoGuy | 19/02/2020

Andy, I think that may have something to do with the all the talk about a new GF in Texas or wherever it ends up. They can build 100K CT's in a tent but they would a need a new factory to do a half a million.

andy.connor.e | 19/02/2020

They also need about 420 shitloads of batteries for the CT, semi and roadster.

TabascoGuy | 19/02/2020

That's a pretty big bale of shitloads. I'll bet they find a way to make enough batteries for all the cars and trucks that they make and still sell every single one that they do make.

andy.connor.e | 19/02/2020

You bet. A Giga nevada expansion and Giga texas is not out off the table.

TabascoGuy | 19/02/2020

Only problem with Giga Nevada is that they are out of people.

David N | 19/02/2020

Last estimate was high 400’s (like 475).
Geeze, that’s incredible!

David N | 19/02/2020

Texas makes a lot of sense.

andy.connor.e | 19/02/2020

Musk did indicate a while ago that the CT reservations were unlike anything they've ever seen.

David N | 19/02/2020

Just read that Ross1 says they stand at 535,000

sbeggs | 19/02/2020

420 shitloads hahaha!

Xerogas | 19/02/2020

532,000 estimated reservations according to The Drive

Wormtown Kris | 19/02/2020

To be fair, I've been following that crowd sourced spreadsheet for some time. (And while it is momentarily messed up since the Min RN # has been altered...) that 532,000 number is a gross reservation number. The net reservation totals are estimated to be more like 440,000. There is an expected cancellation rate that was adjusted to align with EM's initial tweets. The first night cancellation rate was particularly high, as demand crashed the servers, and many of us got error messages. People who didn't notice their RN in the error page address re-ordered and wound up with an many as six truck reservations the next morning. Subsequent cancellation rates were lower. But the projected net serious orders is understandably lower than the gross number of kneejerk and accidently re-submitted reservations.
Still, that ~440,000 "legitimate, serious" reservations is a very impressive number! Bottom line is, we need lots of batteries!

RedVixen | 19/02/2020

They need to start building a factory now if any of us hope to see our trucks in 2021.

sbeggs | 20/02/2020

@WormtownKris and @RedVixen,
You are right! Hence, perhaps, Elon's teasing a Texas Gigafactory. Git er done!