Another god forsaken issue with this car

Another god forsaken issue with this car

The list of things going wrong with this car won’t stop. I am so sick of the poor work quality that went into this car.

Now my window makes a HUGE clicking noise when I close.

Model X= crap car. My recommendation is do not buy this car. This is shameful and I utterly regret getting this car. Worst car I’ve ever had.

NOT WORTH 107k. At all.

Bighorn | 13/02/2020

Karma for dicks.

robertaj | 13/02/2020

uhhh can you give a little more detail on year model trim etc?

lilbean | 13/02/2020

Yep, carma.

Bighorn | 13/02/2020

Your carma ran over his dogma.

Mrotr565 | 13/02/2020

Model X, got it in late December,

Mrotr565 | 13/02/2020

Trim? Uhm, 7 seater, not ludicrous mode

lilbean | 13/02/2020


Vawlkus | 14/02/2020

GTFO troll.

Triggerplz | 14/02/2020


jimglas | 15/02/2020

FUD flagged

Pungoteague_Dave | 15/02/2020

@Mrotr565 "Trim? Uhm, 7 seater, not ludicrous mode"

Liar. It is not possible to spec a standard Long Range MX at $107K. The most expensive 7-seat MX LR with all available options (including carbon fiber 21" wheels) comes in at $102,490. Pricing has not changed since August '19. OP also says he did not get Ludicrous, which hasn't been an option for a long time, as it comes standard with all Performance models. It might be smart to get a clue before posting here.

MyXinTx | 16/02/2020

I know I am not alone in this claim, but I bet the number of dysfunctional items I had to deal with, included repeat visits for the same unresolved issues in the first 6 months of ownership of my current mid-year 2017 MX HW2, probably exceeds that of most MX owners since that time period.

The sad fact is that this particular vehicle was purchased after my 2016 MX HW1.0 was purchased from me at it's initial full sale price, not to a private party or dealer... can't say much more.

However, after multiple SvC visits, over 30+ days in the shop, and a few high decibel "discussions" with local and upper management, I am now enjoying my vehicle.

Yet it remains the noisiest in-cabin environment above 45 MPH compared to any vehicle I have ever owned, including some diesels, even on the smoothest of roads.

And as the winter starts to fade, I once again am looking forward to the penetrating noise and vibration of the A/C condenser and/or external cooling fan when the Texas heat hits, from May to September. But as they tell me in the large building with the Tesla sign, "everything is working to specs, no adjustments indicated".

mabuck | 16/02/2020


Unfortunately, Tesla service leaves a lot to be desired. It is only compounded when the vehicles have issues from the factory.

On the bright side, automakers have pretty much caught up to Tesla on Specs. I would recommend you checking out the Mach E, or the E-Tron. EA's charging network is growing rapidly and with 99% of your daily driving home charging solves, should be a non-issue.

Vawlkus | 17/02/2020

Hahahahahahahaha, good joke there mabuck.
Oh wait, you’re serious? In that case, allow me to laugh even harder hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

jimglas | 17/02/2020

mabuck is a FUD troll