Seriously crappy service

Seriously crappy service

I've had a Tesla for about 4 years, and I have been an ardent support of Elon Musk and his vision. However, lately, I've been getting less and less impressed with their customer service level. They pointedly have no way for you to contact customer service for anything other than to buy their product. When you do have an appointment, you have to wait long. Then, when you finally talk to someone, everything is via an app. They say they will contact you, or you can text them if you have any questions. But, of course, they never respond to you. They now don't even offer a rental car and don't have the courtesy to tell you if you are not going to get your car on time. Finally, they said they would email me my invoice. I have not received the invoice. Where is the warranty on my tires? And, the customer service portal only has options if you want to buy another Telsa product. Wow! Talk about stellar customer support! I have had enough of this. After buying two teslas, I'm ready to get back to a non-Tesla vehicle. I miss the service level of a Toyota. I'll probably go back to them, and just buy a hybrid until they can come up with a competitive all electric car.

drmortonski | 15/02/2020

poor service

rxlawdude | 15/02/2020

TEA score: 95%

Orthopod | 15/02/2020

@drmortonski Don’t expect to have anyone acknowledge your complaint here on the forums. 95% of the posts are made from the same 5% Tesla Ultrafanbois who will excuse every mistake Tesla ever make.

That being said, you are right. The service level went down as number of cars sold skyrocketed. They should have a division for basic $35,000 models with people willing to sacrifice service for cheaper product and a Premium division paid with a premium of $2000 on the higher end car strictly to hire service people to satisfy customers.

Now that they are profitable, they will have to do something of the sort.

I’ve had had non critical problems with my Model 3 screen not starting and it took around 2 months and a half to have 3-4 tech come by run some tests and finally decide to change it, I was texting back and forth with the Tesla engineer and once you get service, it’s incredible high quality.

rxlawdude | 15/02/2020

Hey, Maxxer, you have enough time to litter the boards with duplicate dubious stuff that sounds like it's coming more from a butt-hurt short seller of TSLA than a legitimate owner.

andy.connor.e | 15/02/2020

Yes Maxxer is correct. We "5%'ers", like to make fun of people like Maxxer who tries to blame Tesla for his car getting stuck in snow while trying to drive through snow higher than the vehicles clearance.

He also likes to somehow assign responsibility and blame to Tesla for not transferring his cybertruck reservation when he ordered drunk using the wrong email.

I'll take responsibility for appropriately playing fun on people like that.

Your report on service being essentially through the app and no person to person contact is not the first. While sometimes even long time owners find it hard to believe, it appears to be somewhat of a rarity. But there is more to owning a car than just the customer service, so if all the aspects of an electric car do not appeal to you, and is driven exclusively by the quality of customer service, i hope your next Camry suits you well.

Geico | 16/02/2020

I’ve been to the service center 3 times over the past year and a half over squeaks and rattles. Their service level is no where near the level of my local car dealerships I used in the past, and the worst quality of service I’ve ever had in vehicle ownership. My service center is two hours away and they think Uber credits is good enough. Lol. A rental car isn’t more than $35 a day.

I will likely be going with Ford in the next few years as I really like their Mach E. Tesla hasn’t earned my repeat business.

jimglas | 16/02/2020

mabuck is a FUD troll

akgolf | 16/02/2020

Based on the last two posts by mabuck, it’s pretty obvious.

Geico | 16/02/2020

I love how when you have a bad experience with Tesla you get called all sorts of names. God forbid someone have a bad experience.

stingray.don | 16/02/2020


After all your posts disparaging Tesla and lavishing praise on the Mach E, it is pretty obvious that you are just trying provoke and agitate the forum members and have nothing more of value to offer. We all know your opinion as you have posted it over and over and over. Sell your Tesla and go in peace.

SamO | 16/02/2020

Astroturfing trolls get super butthurt when their shitbaggery gets recognized.

Right mabuck?

andy.connor.e | 16/02/2020


What your arguments are predicated on is a joke. Not only that, you make up numbers to make the opposing argument seem absurd, when really its you who is absurd. Then in the end when you know you're losing you have dismantled every discussion by deleting the foundation it rests on. Ya, you are an internet troll. Because you literally dont care about the content of your speech, and everyone else is always wrong. flagged.

Geico | 16/02/2020

Proof @andy.connor.e?

andy.connor.e | 16/02/2020

You're the one who had the discussions and you're asking me to tell you what you did? You want me to tell you what you're doing. This is not a serious conversation.

ATP | 17/02/2020

Guys this is a shame. Everyone posting here should be an owner with a vested interest in the success of the brand. Blasting Tesla or other posters with enough dissatisfaction to take time to post isn't valuable to the brand or the public. Wow.... I will attempt to start a new thread after Tesla forums get's my account corrected.

I came to this forum looking for a constructive way to find a human being to speak with when automation fails to deliver the message to the right people and found this thread, so I'll add my $0.02.

1st I love self service, I think it's great when I have access to apps, sites, etc that empower me to bypass most of the front line support people who know less about the product and or problem than I do. This said, sometimes the best programming fails to deliver a result and the less tech savvy the user the higher the likelihood that enabled technologies will solver their problem. So... for you Tesla loyalists who find it necessary to blast people for being less tech savvy than you, you're missing the goal of insuring the long term success of the brand.

Before I move on to the reason for my look for escalation, I want to say that Tesla Highland Park has serviced many issues very prompt and always courteously and better than other ICE cars I have owned including Porsche and BMW. But they like other service entities have to face issues out of their direct control and unfortunately I have found the Tesla "efficiency" method of service to leave the service center and the customer to die without a lifeline.

I'd like to find a way to escalate past the local SC without timing up roadside when I have a persistent service issue that likely requires an engineering look and unfortunately Tesla is sorely lacking in that department. If I leave a voicemail on a tough issue, it goes unanswered, IMHO not because they didn't get it, but, because they don't know how to solve it. When I have service come out, they say yea, firmware we're working on it, but, no timeline for resolution.

When a Model X intermittently doesn't charge on a roadtrip, it's get's ones blood pressure up. Thus far, after moving it around multiple reboots, etc it has always charged, but, there should be a process after 6-8mos to speak with a higher level person.

if you have an 8:30 to 10:30 appointment and you haven't heard from anyone by 10am, you should be able to talk to someone, especially when the app fails, and hangs to verify you even have an appointment. IMHO calling roadside to text the technician is silly.

Feel free to blast me and tell me I'm stupid and Tesla is 100% right and can't improve(perception), if I feel like it I'll respond, but, it won't further your agenda. If Tesla doesn't improve they won't exceed the 500K/year club, they will have a burn rate and we will NOT have the privilege of the possibility of better thinking. Keep in mind that most people don't need 50-200K car, they want one, and the whole package needs to be improving to stay on par with the big guys who have useless luxury service departments, with fancy coffee and snacks, but, they do make customers feel welcome while they wait to die for service.

andy.connor.e | 17/02/2020


There is a significant difference between how you relay your message, and the type of responses it warrants.