Has CyberTruck PreOrders Pass One Million?

Has CyberTruck PreOrders Pass One Million?

I just went to the Worldwide Cybertruck Reservation Tracker: and found that the pre orders now are 1,020,028! I've been following this tracking site for a couple of months now. My questions to the Tesla family are:

A. Is this an accurate account of the reservations?
B. If so, what are the implications about the actual sales numbers for the CyberTruck?

andy.connor.e | 20/02/2020

More than likely not accurate. BUT, musk indicated that the CT reservations were unlike anything they've ever seen.

SO | 20/02/2020

I think just recently they went over 500k. But not sure how accurate that is either. The reservation numbers can be misleading. | 20/02/2020

If it follows prior reservations, and due to the low $100 reservation fee, I suspect about half will abandon the reservation. That's mostly due to timing - a person ended up buying something else while waiting or is not quite ready financially when the time comes to buy.

So if there are 500K reservations (a more reasonable number), these could turn into 250K actual purchases. Not to worry, once the model 3 started to ship, many more orders poured into to fill those that dropped out. I expect the same with the Cybertruck. Exciting times!

jordanrichard | 20/02/2020

The reservation numbers did not start at 0. So whatever the current reservation number there is, does not mean that's how many trucks were reserved.

Now with that said, if you go to Tesla's home page, at the top, the Cybrtrk link has been removed, at least here in the states.

andy.connor.e | 20/02/2020


Its likely they removed it because they dont want more reservations, and they want to emphasize products on their front page that you can actually buy. My thoughts are that they wanted to keep things consistent, as their solar roof is now available which is on the front page, and the cybertruck is off the front along with the semi and roadster. | 20/02/2020

Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster pages are all still available - just tap the 3-bars in the top-right corner to get a drop-down of these options and others.

Ross1 | 20/02/2020

so they only want e-ntelligent people to order those products.

Didnt include you andy-e

Wormtown Kris | 20/02/2020

@OP: NO. This is a loosely moderated page. Since Nov 22, 2019, the lowest reported RV# was 112744220. All of a sudden in the past couple of days, since all the media attention to this page, the Min RN# got changed to 112032877. This artificially "adds" 700,000 "orders" to the queue. This number is NOT legit. The tally before that base line RN got changed was about 525,000 gross reservations, and an estimated 440,000 net reservations after expected cancellations. 440,000 net "legit" reservations is a huge number. But the number currently shown on the Google doc is not accurate.

jordanrichard | 21/02/2020

andy, oh I get that and agree.