2018 S 75D max charrge rate seems to be 24mph GEN-3

2018 S 75D max charrge rate seems to be 24mph GEN-3

I am re-posting this with better info. My first Tesla, its a 2018 S 75d with 18k miles. I installed the GEN3 wall charger with 60 amp breaker and 6AWG wire. It has never gone above 24mph charge so the service guy said it varies on how low the battery is. So i got it down to less that 80 miles estimate and it still never went above 23-24 rate. I have read a lot of threads here about charging on here and understand limitations and that not all cars can do the same rates. It just seems that with a 500 dollar charger and a full 60 amp showing in the wall charger config that 24 max is a bit slow. Supercharging of course goes higher but at home it sure seems weak with all that power available.

I can't attach a picture but I see.... 23 mi/hr 239v 30/48a on the Tesla app. Maybe the 30/48 is the issue?

Do any other 2018 S 75D people see higher rates with a GEN3 or nema-15 connection? I also tried the NEMA-15 and still only got max 24mph with the factory charge cable 240v?

Newbie Tesla guy here so I appreciate your time!
Bill (Dallas)

danpettus | 21/02/2020

Gen 3 for model S should max out at 48A (with a 60A breaker) equal to 34 miles/hour. See chart here:

Also, make sure you have setup the Gen 3 for 60A breaker ... WiFi web page on your phone ... and your car is not limited internally to something less than 48A on the Charging Page in your car....

bsodt | 21/02/2020

Yes i verified the 60 amp on the GEn3 WIFI page twice because i did the whole setup twice. I had referenced that chart when i bought it so that is why i am so confused at only 24mph. What do you mean by the charging page in your car? Is there a place to check other than teh normal charge page screen?


bsodt | 21/02/2020

Wow thanks, that made me think. After looking around i found the issue. My car was set to only 30 amp not the full 48 for the current charge screen as you said. I stupidly thought that the rate selection was automatic...... I manually upped it to 48 max and i now see 34mph charging.

Thanks, its the smallest clues that create the biggest breakthroughs
Bill | 21/02/2020

@bsodt - When you bring up the charging page inside the car, you can limit the amount of power, and it will remember that setting for that location. My guess is you have the car set to 24 amps. Up it to 48 amps and you should be good to go! Let us know what you find out. | 21/02/2020

Glad you figured it out! The rate limit is sort of automatic. So if you use the MC, and have a 120 VAC adapter, it will set it to 12 amps.