Graphene battery, in the real world (finally)

Graphene battery, in the real world (finally)

This is a longish video about a power brick containing graphene battery technology that’s about 3 times as powerful as phone batteries using graphene. IOW, an actual product.

Thought I’d share this with the understandably skeptic crowd here to see how this goes. I myself have been a skeptic of many new battery technologies these past several years, but this is an actual product, with the promise of being incorporated into some major brands in one year.

NKYTA | 21/02/2020

Thanks @Red. New news.

NKYTA | 21/02/2020

Skeptical, but might be a thing.

RedShift | 21/02/2020

I’ve always been skeptical of graphene. However, real products have a way of cutting down that skepticism.

tes-s | 22/02/2020

Promising: Batteries are a compromise between energy density, cost, charge cycles/logevity, charge/discharge rate, degradation and probably other things. Graphene stacks up quite favorably.

PBEndo | 22/02/2020

The most intriguing nugget from the video is that 2 atomic layers of graphene will stop a bullet and is almost completely transparent.

Graphene sounds perfect for the Cybertruck windows.

SbMD | 22/02/2020

Interesting video... thanks for posting!

Been watching to see how graphene becomes more accessible for prosumer/consumer products as well as some applications were are working on internally.

Not a bad next step, and there are some "graphene batteries" that use graphene to reduce electrode resistance. Certainly improves charging and heat profile. The real advanced graphene tech will be using them as capacitors, which promises to be a quantum leap (pun intended) in electrical storage.

NKYTA | 22/02/2020

$1k to 1 cent?!? Crazy good.

@Sb, I remember Quantum Leap. Addictive show. ;-)

SbMD | 22/02/2020

@NKYTA :-)

jdiggle35132 | 13/04/2020

Graphene powders have the potential to play an increasingly important role in today’s lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry. Graphene can enhance conventional battery electrode performance, leading to batteries that are lighter, more durable, lower-cost, faster-charging and better suited for high-capacity energy storage.

Ross1 | 14/04/2020

If you read about space elevators, mostly the stuff of scifi, there are interesting and informative insights into graphene. See Arthur C Clarke for eg.
Space Elevators involve a cable from earth to space = 100km/62 miles, up which freight and vehicles ride.
Currently there are no materials strong enough, briefly, but graphene is the outstanding contender. It is 100 x stronger in tensile than steel, quote.

Ross1 | 14/04/2020

The idea is that it costs only $200 per kg compared with $20000 on rockets, from memory to get freight out of earth's pull.

Dramsey | 14/04/2020

What's so surprising? Tesla not only makes graphene batteries but sells them to people trying to hawk products on Indiegogo:

I mean, they wouldn't lie about something like that, would they?

GoldAK47 | 15/04/2020

Its not new, I have had graphene batteries for years. They fail just like the others, they can store higher voltages though.